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Rock & Roll Prep School 'End of Semester Show' 03.30.14

I realize this is a bit more suburban than most postings on MCB, but having seen these kids rock out on stage before at various local events, they deserve all the press they can get!

For those of you not in the know about them, Rock & Roll Prep School is a performance based academy focused on all levels of aspiring musicians ages 2 – 18. Their mission is to provide an energetic, non-intimidating and creative atmosphere where kids can express themselves through music. Their focus is to build self-esteem and confidence by working with peers and professionals in the music industry.

Here's a recent promo video for the school...

Tickets for Sunday's 'End of Semester Show' at the Diesel Concert Lounge Detroit, are flying out of the school!  $8 in advance - $10 at the door (which opens at 1:00) show starts at 2:00! Don't miss out.

I will be attending this show and giving them the proper rock star photo coverage they deserve.  Be on the lookout for the photos next week.