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Roman Remains Sets the Stage for Gary Numan

Yesterday I posted about how great the Gary Numan show is going be tomorrow and only briefly mentioned Roman Remains at the bottom of the post. However, after listening repeatedly to their album Zeal, Roman Remains is deserving of a post of their own. Roman Remains is a side project of psychedelic, shoegaze greats, The Duke Spirit.

Formed by Liela Moss and Toby Butler of the Duke Spirit, Roman Remains is their industrial dance project that balance dark, brooding songs with snappy dance elements and a sense of fun. With Liela's spiritual, earthy and sometimes tongue-in-cheek lyrics and vocal style she has gained comparison to Bjork, Zola Jesus, even early NIN. She's also quite the fashionista, as she's also been cited as Philip Lim's 'muse,' and inspired Alexander McQueen's 2009 fashion line for Target.

Their full-length album, Zeal, is out on Dhani Harrison (George's son)'s H.O.T Records Ltd  and they have recently did a residency at LA's Sayers Club, with Dhani joining them on keys. Make sure you are their early to catch them. Their opening show promises to add a touch of gothic beauty to an already staggering show.