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Show Preview: Gary Numan, The Crofoot, Friday

This Friday Gary Numan is coming to the Crofoot. and as a lifelong fan I am, to put it mildly, super excited. However, it’s not that nostalgic glee one gets when your teen obsession strolls into town rehashing again the same show you’ve seen for the last 10 years. In today’s fickle, new band hyped everyday, Gary Numan is still very relevant. He’s proven it with his latest release “Splinter,” a staggering album of emotional electronic music with cutting lyrics that are as fearsome as they are truthful. It’s a downbeat record to be sure, backed by slowburn, steel-cold rhythms Gary questions his very reason for existence. Similar to his past few records, “Jagged” and “Pure,” his music remains packed with industrial and goth overtones but Gary’s singular voice separates and raises the gloomy sound to ethereal, heavenly heights.

Gary Numan’s live show also continues to build on the electronic music landscape he’s carved out over his career that spans over 37 years. While he plays a good portion of the favorite older songs, he’s reworked them into heavier, thicker, guitar driven tracks, each with a powerful punch. Gary’s also a joy to watch on stage as he moves throughout the floor, playing guitar, making a face of rage that will also transform into a wicked smile. The crowd filled with “Numanoids,” dedicated fans, young and old singalong with every song. I predict the night will end with “Are ‘Friends’ Electric” with the crowd singing “Whoa ooh Whoa” at the top or their lungs. When Gary Numan’s in town his friends’ and indeed electric and ecstatic.  

Playing along with Gary Numan are Big Black Delta and Roman Remains, featuring The Duke Spirit's Liela Moss and Toby Butler.

This post by Mikel OD of MPAD Media