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THE 23rd EROTIC POETRY & MUSIC FESTIVAL 02.27.10 Corktown Tavern


'An eclectic celebration of the erotic arts!'

The infamous event known as the 'Erotic Poetry & Music Festival' is one of the oldest community arts festivals in Detroit . The festival is an “eclectic celebration of the erotic arts!” It features provocative poetry, dirty spoken word, erotic art, music and dance performances by some of the city's top artists. It promises to be an evening you won’t forget!

The date is: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 9 pm , 21 &over are welcome. Admission is $8. Partial proceeds benefit the Michigan based non-profit organization "Paws with a Cause," who provide and train leader dogs for the disabled.

The event will be held at THE CORKTOWN TAVERN located at 1716 Michigan Avenue in Corktown. (313.964.5103)

Hosted by: The Impaler & Peter SchornThis year we are pleased to have Detroit ’s premier performance artist, Satori Circus. Other highlights will be the debut musical collaboration of Hayley Jane & Audra Kubat and readings by poetess Archaela Cindy Cadaver and Blue Dogma Poet-Dena Luckett. The visual art portion of the show has expanded! Joining our perennial artist Jeff Hocking is Chopper Peshkepia, Julie Fournier and photography by LAWRENCEcreative and Eugene Sherrill.

Poetry and Music Performances by:
Satori Circus
Hayley Jane & Audra Kubat
Dixon 's Violin
Olive Jus
Emily Rose
Chinonye Goddess
Archaela Cindy Cadaver
Jimmy Doom
Vic Toledo
Blue Dogma Poet-Dena Luckett
Lisa Vicious
Scott Boman
Jaye Thomas
Blue J.
Laura Bodary

Art by:
Jeff Hocking
Chopper Peshkepia
Julie Fournier
Eugene Sherril

...and MCB's very own