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Review - Bastone Royal Oak by FIREFAR

Robert Young mulls over creation at the corner of 5th and Main

Restaurant RE-View 2010

Bastone Brewery, 419 S. Main Street, Royal Oak. 248.544.6250

Times are uncertain, the economy is shaky and the politicians are not even sublime at all. Motorcityblog has found comfort in things that are good, not totally over-priced and consistent. Bastone is one of them. Located at the south end of the drag known as Main Street, Bastone is the perfect spot to have dinner before hitting the bars or to stop in and have a drink or two after shopping at Paris in Royal Oak.
Happy hours are good here as are Sundays where kids eat for FREE!

We recently attended Media Day at the Bastone complex to sample some of new Chef Robert Young’s cuisine, and taste some award winning Bastone BEER. They are ALL good, with my personal faves being the Imperial Stout and the Royal IPA.

We met the Master Brewer himself, Rockne VanMeter and with a name like that he better brew some good Belgian style ale. The Witface is a traditional Belgian wheat beer and somehow parallels tasting very delicate, yet is a full-bodied wheat beer.

To go with our beer, we sampled something that I might have overlooked on the menu-The Leuven Waffle-a herbed Belgian Waffle topped with grilled chicken, leeks and bell peppers in a sour cream and white wine sauce, very tasty if a little bit filling for my taste. They have great salads, mac & cheese, steaks frites, fish & chips. The Seafood Waterzooi is a personal favorite. The bottom line is they have good, consistent food.

For the full menu go to:

I would like to thank and congratulate the staff at all 4 venues in the Bastone Complex for being professional and courteous and caring about their customers. I have been eating and drinking at these joints ever since they opened and have not had one unpleasant experience.

Keep up the good work!

Brewmaster Rockne VanMeter looks on as MCB orders another round