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A few words about Colour Revolt’s new album "The Cradle" by

originally posted by Sonic Itch Music on 8.11.2010

This isn’t going to be a full review of Colour Revolt’s latest offering The Cradle, as I really haven’t had enough time with the recording, and if you’ve spent any time with the band’s work, you understand that it’s work that requires a lengthy, patient listen that is more often than not, completely rewarding. It’s rich, layered, textural intensity both musically and lyrically, and The Cradle adheres to this equation while shedding some old skin in the process. After a dramatic shift in lineup, losing 3 of the members of the band to more stable realities in life, founding members Jesse Coppenbarger and Sean Kirkpatrick forge on as the heart and soul of Colour Revolt. The resilience of these two shines well on the album, which still encompasses the complex energy of the past, while the sonic rages are reeled in and their energy dispersed much more dynamically and musically diverse.

I for one, am thrilled that Coppenbarger and Kirkpatrick weathered the storm and continue on as Colour Revolt, as these guys were made for making music. Great rock music to be specific. God knows we can always use more great rock music in our lives.

The Cradle is legal now. Go get yourself some.

MP3> Colour Revolt ‘Our Names