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PHOTOS: Slayer & Megadeth by Dan Sultana

Slayer had to cancel the Detroit stop earlier this year because of Tom Araya's back surgery. Araya is known for his aggressive style of headbanging and thrashing while performing. The Carnage tour returned to the Motor City on August 19. Bringing their Speed Metal Head banging show to Joe Louis arena. The raucous fans were worked into a frenzy of body slamming Carnage while Slayer belted out "Season's in the Abyss" from start to finish! The Mosh Pit was intense and no one went home dissapointed that Tom Araya couldn't thrash like he used too. They were still on top of their game!

Megadeth brought a huge arsenal of weapons to the Carnage tour in Detroit. Dave Mustaine brought his custom made Jackson ESP DV8 guitar and destroyed the ears of all his followers ! Megadeth rocked the Joe Louis crowd into a Symphony of Destruction while thrashing through "Rust in Peace" from start finish. Chris Broderick totally annihilated "Hangar 18" with his feverishly fast finger work! The fans were saturated with sweat while thrashing in the mosh pit on main floor...only they were only getting warmed up for the Return of Tom Araya and Slayer !! All the heavy Metal head bangers were in Motor City Heaven !