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UPCOMING: Ron Zakrin's A Cluster Fuck - 323East Sept 10th

A Cluster F*ck

Detroit’s ever present creative force, artist Ron Zakrin, will present his solo exhibition entitled Cluster " F*ck" at the 323East Gallery in Royal Oak on Friday, September 10. Free and open to the general public, the artist exhibition starts at 6 p.m. and runs through 11 p.m. that evening. Free refreshments will be available.

To commemorate the exhibition opening, 323East will give away free Giclèe prints of “The Last Stand” that have been signed and numbered by Zakrin to the first 30 people that attend the show and request one. A Giclée is a fancy art word for archival limited edition print (Picture of Giclée print attached along with picture of art that will be on display)

Zakrin said the name of the exhibition alludes to the focal point of the show. “It’s a cluster of work that spreads away from a central focal point in concentric waves,” he said. “Each piece of work is both a stand alone, self contained unit with its own story, while simultaneously belonging to a much larger orchestration of paintings, drawings, and assemblages.”

Prominent themes gallery visitors will experience in his works of art include:
• The demise of wholesome goodness, in general,
• Ethics in genetic art,
• Heartache and other pass times, and
• Mythology in the 21st century.

“We are extremely excited to have Ron back at 323East for his second solo exhibition,” said Cory. “His shows have a strong group of followers, and have become very popular with those that visit the gallery regularly. Detroit art enthusiast and collectors are always interested to see Ron’s latest work. It’s going to be a great exhibition.”

Zakrin’s Cluster " F*
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