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Options for the Weekend in the D

If I had limitless time, could be in 2 places at once, and had bought tickets in time, here's what I would be doing this week (and might still squeeze in):
While he got a lot of buzz for his collaboration with Scarlett Johansson a couple years ago (I'll leave it to you whether "buzz" in this case is good or bad), it's his earlier albums that I played the snot out of. Day I Forgot and musicforthemorningafter are excellent soundtracks to lazy Sundays. Paired with Ben Kweller, it should be a good show.
Yeah. I get it. I didn't buy my tickets in time and the show's sold out. Suck it. If you're a lucky contestant to be able to go, have fun. But don't tell me how rad the show was.Or I might go on a crazy, drunken, Irish-whiskey fueled rage. Unless you told me that you already saw that at the show. I'm gonna be bitter about this one for a while.
 The Tickeld Fancy Burlesque group will be presenting a varitease (hee hee, get it??) of pieces from the past year.

The modern dance troupe brings its beyond-belief athleticism and brilliant dancing to the Opera House. If you need a bit of reminding of how uncoordinated, non-graceful, and lacking as a physical speciman you are, this is the show for you! It looks like there is a slightly different line-up of pieces being performed at each night's show too, so if you are blown away one night, you can go back and be blown away at a whole different set of pieces the next night.

Enjoy the week/end!