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THIS WKEND: Shuto Con in Lansing

Lansing is usually a little out of the area I cover, but you know me, I'll go anywhere to bring y'all a good time! Being out of town, my plan is to get there early Saturday and play all day. I'll bring back some good cosplay pics, promise. Hit Shutocon central for all the details, and if your fursuit will fit in my car, we can carpool!

Shuto Con
Fri/Sat March 25-26

Lansing, MI  48933

Lansing's Premiere Anime Convention, coming March 25th-26th, 2011. This convention will be a two day event held at The Lansing Convention Center in Lansing, MI that focuses on Artists and the art of Interactive Cosplaying.

Shuto Con means “Capital City” Convention, thus named for the city it is held in, Lansing, the great capital of our great state of Michigan!

Stefanie Shall, Chairwoman of Shuto Con, wanted the convention to be about the artist that struggles to get noticed, and the lone cosplayer that puts his/her heart and soul into becoming the character they worked so hard on making the costume for. For to long she had seen such great talents go to waste and in December '09 she started planning the entity that is known as Shuto Con. She has been to many conventions in her day, still traveling around with her Plush Doll business “Otakumals", and she wanted to highlight the two things she always found the most interesting and entertaining in the convention scene, Artists and Cosplayers.