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UPCOMING: The Mask Worn Too Long..., 25 March

The Mask Worn Too Long Becomes the Face
A Masquerade Benefiting the American Business Women's Association Novi Oaks Chapter Educational Scholarships

Friday, March 25, 2011
21+ only please
Royal Oak Music Theatre

Tickets are on sale now through the Royal Oak Music Theater Box Office and online at

This is ABWA-Novi's first masquerade, and they are doing a beautiful job with the promotional materials. This is the sort of event I love the most, with the added benefit of your indulgences going to a valued cause. Take a look at this excellent video spot, then visit the event website for more information.

Every day we wear masks. We are caring wives, girlfriends and lovers; devoted mothers and grandmothers, aunts, and sisters; dependable daughters and loyal friends, tireless caretakers and knowledgeable businesswomen. We enjoy playing our many roles, but it's easy to let what we do become our identity - wearing our roles like masks until others define us only by what they see or what role we play in their lives. In the wonderful crazy of life, it can be hard to stop and remember who we are as women, besides everything to everyone. But sometimes,

the mask worn too long becomes the face

On Friday, March 25, 2011, we will celebrate all of the roles we play in our lives by taking a step away from them all - for one magical night, to become someone we always imagined. To be anyone you want to be, wearing a mask that shows who you are inside... while revealing nothing.

Are you a queen, a medieval princess, or daring gypsy? Are you a fairy or sprite? A peacock, swan or even a tigress? At the masquerade, you can be whoever you want to be.

You are the graceful woman on the dance floor. The mysterious lady wandering through the Mystics' Mezzanine. The unknown girl nibbling at the candy buffet. You have no age, no race - and no role to play but that which you create for yourself, for one night only.

Come embrace the music, the entertainment, and the costumes. Reunite with friends if you can detect them beneath their finery. Meet men and women you never knew but will remember forever. Explore the vendor booths, enjoy the treats, let yourself be mystified by a tarot or palm reader, and accept a dance with a stranger. One night only, let a new mask become your face.