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Album Review: The Black Seeds "Dust and Dirt"

Reggae from New Zealand does not seem to make sense to any degree. It’s difficult to picture a group of pasty, gingers (sorry terrible stereotype!)  laying down the reggae vibes in the mountainous terrain of New Zealand. However, The Black Seeds have been doing it for years and on their latest they add a bit of funk and disco to the equation to produce a hybrid of reggae that defies any cultural or continental boundaries. “Dust and Dirt” is the fifth release from The Black Seeds and it expertly shows their ease of grooving into reggae territory with easy flowing songs that are also brimming with danger and introspection. Some of the standout cuts include “Wide Open” and the opener “Out of Light” which reminds me of Shriekback’s slower material.  Later “Loose Cartilage” rocks out with a guitar heavy beginning that spills into a righteous instrumental jam.  As we ease into a season filled with warmer weather and road tripping, hiking or long walks, “Dust and Dirt” will make a fine travelling companion.
I can’t end this review without mentioning, Bret Mckenzie, from Flight of the Conchords (the other one - not Jermaine Clement), was once a member of the Black Seeds.

This Post by Mikel O.D. of

TALL KIWI CHICK was a winner in one of our contests for free tickets
and of course we chatted it up a bit and met up with her and her crew at the show.
After knocking back a few cold ones we were fast friends and thick as thieves.
We convinced her to report for MCB and she was running hard
but all good things come to an end and she had to head back to New Zealand.
She will be chiming in from time to time because we miss her!
She loves music, men & drinking.
"She's Sweet As!"
BY Tall Kiwi Chick

I am back on MCB...What's Up Bitches?!

STOP! Listen to this song real quick:

May is New Zealand Music Month. So you have no idea how proud I am to be here writing about one of New Zealand's coolest bands! Here in New Zealand, The Black Seeds are a household name for anyone under 40 who doesn't live under a rock. They've been around for 12 years, and have just released their 5th album which is available worldwide!!

Dust And Dirt is the fifth studio album from our multi-platinum selling group whose unique brand of reggae-funk fusion has seen their fan base spread around the world in recent years.

Song Pippy Pip, also on Dust And Dirt, offered fans a rare opportunity to become part of The Black Seeds' history. By following instructions on a YouTube video, budding musicians were able to send in their own vocal samples. Most of the 90-odd entries can be heard, in some form, at the end of the track.

Check out the video here:

Now I know I'm here to talk about how awesome their new album 'DUST & DIRT' is... But hell, I want you all to start from the beginning!! These albums flew off the shelves here in nz when they were released.

'ON THE SUN' 2004

If you need more of a push to buy their music - Flight of The Conchords 'Bret Mckenzie' used to be a member for the first 5 years!  Check out this cool video clip of the making of one of their earlier music videos - featuring 'Brit' himself:

The Black Seeds mix well with hot days, cold beers, good mates, road trips, parties, BBQ's, and when mixed well you get good times.

Now if only I could get tickets to there Christchurch show later this month I'd be one happy chick....
MCB says they can get me an in person interview....and from my work in Detroit I believe them!

xxx see you in November !!!
- Tall Kiwi Chick
reporting from Christchurch NZ