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Of Mice and Musicians Album Release

Of Mice and Musicians
w/ The Definition, Doss the Artist, Midcoast Most, and Magnum Opus
Saturday, April 21st, at the Pike Room
$5, 9PM

A bassist setting funky grooves, an R&B-ready crooner, an experimental post-rock-leaning drummer, two new school rappers up front, a turntablist splashing in scratches and auxiliary samples at the fringes and a guitarist scorching out an amalgam of spacey tones….

Of Mice & Musician don’t really have a genre, so to speak and the thing about their 2nd album is it isn’t one genre (rap, rock, reggae/pop or neo-psychedelic prog/metal…or even rap-rock), more so than any other; the spinning plates are balanced. Each song kaleidoscopes through mild zings of each stylistic-leaning of its seven respective members