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MCB PICK OF THE WEEK: FREE VINYL: The Phantom Shakers - New Dodge Lounge Hamtramck - Sat 4/21

Want to pick the soon to be released 7" vinyl from Detroit's The Phantom Shakers?

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the band just returned from the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender and are hot and ready to roll and we have a nice little review of the show from our main man Joseph Klement


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The Phantom Shakers at VLV 15 by Joseph Klement


I first heard about the Phantom Shakers through a friend of mine, who had been to their many shows they've had in the Detroit metro area over the last few years. I then wanted to make sure to check them out myself, because I was curious, and I learned that they were playing a festival that I had been to before, the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender on Easter Weekend at the Orleans Hotel and Casino.


 Their set was at 8:30 on a Friday night, and the room was buzzing with anticipation of the show, as it was their debut of the festival. They soon began their set with the song "I'm Ready" from their now sold-out CD, The Ghetto Sessions. As the music started, I was blown away at the high-energy stage presence of singer Elle Mae. On stage, she made every song hers. Her sparkling personality, wit, and smile shown through as her singing cut you deep into your bones. During the set, I was amazed by her flexibility and wide range of styles she could sing. One song, she's a sultry temptress with a smooth-as-butter voice, and the next, a raw rock-n-roll queen who'll tear you apart if you looked at her funny. As the set progressed, they mentioned that they had a 7" vinyl for sale after the show, and proceeded to play the A-side of that vinyl: a song they called "Gloss My Lips", which was their first original tune of the night, but it wasn't their last. They had two more original songs they played in their set. One of their new originals, "Queen of This Town" was a sassy rocker that I enjoyed immensely, but it was their other new original "Forbidden" that stole the show with its sensual blues feel. Another notable song the band played was a fantastic cover of Ray Smith's "Right Behind You Baby" that made the room explode with applause and cheering.


 Elle Mae wasn't the only Phantom Shaker on fire that night, she was backed by the boys of the Phantom Shakers, who all brought a powerful edge to Elle's strong vocals. Mark Longsdorf (guitar), Rayce Ribble (bass), and Nick Thibodeau (drums), nearly stole the show with their strong rocking rhythm that made many dance and tap their feet. The band made the room explode with energy and excitement as the set went on. Mark, Rayce, and Nick were tight and together as rocked through their set. Mark's playing was great that night, and I like Mark's playing because it's tight and rhythmic, which is perfect for dancing. The rhythm section, consisting of Rayce and Nick, were on fire that night. Both owned the stage like it was their own, presenting each song with a Detroit rock-n-roll swagger that impressed me and many others. What I enjoyed about the Phantom Shakers is their sound. It's hard to explain. It's somewhere in-between traditional rockabilly and dirty garage rock, which is expected, especially coming from a place like Detroit. The band had a great overall tone, and were a pleasure to see. I would definitely recommend seeing The Phantom Shakers when they play a show near you.