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Friday: Metal Head Showcase @ The Token Lounge featuring A.S.S.

Looking for a place to bang your head this weekend with some homegrown metal? Get your ASS down to The Token Lounge in Westland this Friday at 8pm for a stellar lineup of Pure Michigan Metal. $8 gets you in the door at 8pm. Support your local music acts!

Fronted by vocalist Brian Thomas of legendary Detroit hard rock horror group Halloween, A.S.S. is a five piece metal band that doesn’t take itself too seriously. “Take three veteran musicians, add two hungry young guns, sprinkle in heavy doses of sarcasm and attitude and crank the volume to 12 and that’s A.S.S!” explains the band’s drummer Foot (Motown Rage). In addition to Thomas and Foot, cousins TJ and Brandon Richardson shred on guitars, with bassist Chris Taylor (Youthcorpse) thumping out a growling low-end.
The band’s name demonstrates their comedic side – A.S.S. is an acronym that stands for everything from Anonymous Super Stars to Already Seeing Someone! Fans frequently email the band suggestions for what each letter should stand for – leading A.S.S. to change its meaning at every show!
“Each band member has a great sense of humor,” adds Thomas.  “Though we’re serious about our music, I think heavy doses of irony, frustration, humor and parody are common elements in our songs.”
Working with producer/musician (Sponge) Andy Patalan at The Loft Studios in Saline, Michigan, “E.asy P.ieces of A.S.S.” captures the band’s bombastic, over the top lyrics, and hard driving metal.  Their debut EP features seven Herculean tracks guaranteed to get listeners’ fists pumping!

Friday 6/14 8pm
The Token Lounge
28949 Joy Road
Westland Michigan 48185


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