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Third Thursdays at North End Studios! June 20th, 2013

Come By and Visit North End Studios, June 20th !
5101 Loraine , Detroit, Michigan 48208

The Dunch Club, serving food from 2:00-8:00pm.
Plates are $7.00 each.
The Dunch Club, so what is it? The Dunch Club is the brainchild of 
Lindsay Jewell. She started it as a way to share her passion for 
vegetarian / vegan food, and to help drive the local economy in 
Detroit City proper.


Banu Cicek Tulu and David Caro Moreno

~These two people from different countries and disciplines combine their knowledge and their common ground "music". They are residency artists in North End Studios till the end of June. They will be giving a lecture for "Basic Kind Lecture Series" curated and organized by Ashley Cook on the third Thursday of June (06/20/2013). The lecture will be a discussion on the process of creation and participation in an interdisciplinary investigation. The artists will share their own artistic methodology that they are creating between scientific investigation (collecting data, archival research, etc) and formal/informal relations with local/international participants.~

Basic Kind is a monthly lecture series that introduces new opportunities for presentation, conversation and critical dialogue.
We are approaching the planning of this series with intent to explore various topics and the links between, as well as how each would approach the act of presentation differently; we are interested in highlighting the multifaceted world of presentation and the effectiveness of the different strategies taken.

We will have a DJ set directly following the Lecture!

We hope to see you there!


5101 Loraine Street
Detroit, MI 48208