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Show Preview: Electro Future Fest is Saturday at St. Andrews Hall

This Saturday has got Yorg Kerasiotis, vocals and synth specialist of Flashclash, all worked up. With good reason too, as Saturday marks the first (hopefully annual) Electro Future Fest at St Andrews Hall which Yorg has been putting in overtime working on.  “I’m so excited for this show! We get to play with Randy (Deastro) who is a local synth-god and the gifted Tunde Olaniran. And there’s so much more that’s cool about this festival. I can go on forever about it.”

To clue you in on just a few of the things Yorg is so excited about, Flint Eastwood, which Yorg refers to as “the gem of the show. Every time they play they blow the crowd away.” Having seen a spectacular set from Flint Eastwood last year I can vouch those words as truth. There’s also maybe lesser known acts on the bill like Slufter, Sugar Baron and Hotel Motel. But, Yorg assures me “they are only lesser known because word is just starting get out on these bands, they are all amazing.”

There will be no downtime at the show because DJ Skeez is playing in between sets. Another special part of the show will be fashion shows throughout the night from Peace, Love and Spandex and Detroit Hustles Harder. “Fashion is an important part of music. I don’t mean that in a pretentious way, but bands that think a little about how they look when they play means something to me.” Yorg adds.

All and all it’s going to be a hot day and night (they are calling for 90 degrees!), so don that fashion friendly t-shirt and invite those young friends and family because it’s all ages and those kiddies should get experienced in good music and good times. Tickets are $12 and doors are at 5pm. 

This post is by Mikel O.D. of MPAD Media