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Post Movement 2013 Detroit

It has officially been a week since the 2013 Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Movement, closed out an amazing weekend, bigger and better than ever.  The 13th installment of our annual dance music festival was top-notch and we have to hand it to the folks over at Paxahau for putting it all together.  The sound was perfect at every stage, accessible and enjoyable at every angle.  From the video screens on stage to the community art displays, the visual energy successfully rounded out the entire Movement experience.  

With the late 2000s rise in commercial and mainstream electronic dance music, or EDM (I hate the term too, but at least they're not still calling it all techno), this year it seemed that Detroit's shining showcase of the deepest underground and true roots were on display with more enthusiasm and excitement than ever.  With a crowd from all over the world to support us, Detroit delivered.  

I met Movement attendees from... Holland, France, Cyprus, New York City, San Diego, Ireland, Toronto, Germany and DETROIT (Metro included of course)

Also wanted to touch on the pre and after party scene.  The hustle was a little harder this year and I saw a ton of people out flyering, promoting, playing in local bars, clubs, afterhours, abandoned spaces and selling out huge venues like the Fillmore.  All of that brings entertainment, fun and yes, of course, money to the area and local businesses.  There were so many great parties, I had the pleasure of attending and DJing a few.  Support that stuff too, even after Movement... there are so many talented and creative people putting their heart and soul (and their money too) into great things.  The Made in Detroit Stage at Movement is an all local lineup, all weekend long.  You can see the people that perform on this stage in the area many times throughout the year - we have it good!

Make sure you check out Mikel O.D.'s (seriously, how amazing was Nina Kraviz) and Jacob's posts too - the other awesome thing about Movement this year was how well they catered to the different genres - but really seemed to pull out the best for everyone.  Mike and Jake are into the fest and into the music and into different aspects of it than I, and each other, are.  But we got to share and create our own best experience out of this.  Anyone who knocks or lacks experience with the "culture" or the community of this music... well basically we hope to see you Movement 2014.  

My video highlights and photos: