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DEMF Makes It's Return to Detroit Alongside FEMT in Summer 2014

We've been waiting for over a decade, 12 years to be exact.  Carol Marvin, creator of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival proudly announced the return of DEMF, the original 3-day free electronic music festival, to Campus Martius in 2014.  DEMF will be held over 4th of July weekend, celebrating the Nation's birthday as well as the month of Detroit's significant 313th.     


During the official announcement at Ford Field, Marvin highlighted DEMF's positive contribution to Detroit during it's span as a free festival in Hart Plaza including substantial spending, influence on employment and Detroit's global appeal.  
She discussed the importance of technology and the science behind electronic music noting the change of tools and vision in the industry, introducing us to FEMT, also happening July 4-6, 2014 at Ford Field.  

At $250 for the weekend, Federation of Electronic Music Technology, FEMT, will not simply be a music fest, but a technological showcase.  This event will feature science, art and music combined with interactive technology and legendary live performances, including Juan Atkins and Rick Davis' project Cybotron's first live performance ever.

The Movement festival, what became Hart Plaza's Memorial Day Weekend incarnation of the original DEMF, will still take place at the end of May.  Often seen as the official summer kick-off, Movement will return under the production of Paxahau.  Citing the historic influence of Detroit on Techno and all music, Marvin said Detroit could host many electronic music festivals.  Though the events are less than 2 months apart from one another, with one being free I don't doubt that Detroit and its visitors can support both weekends.  

Detroit DJ Matt Clarke provided the music