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Show Review/Interviews - Alestorm/Trollfest - Token Lounge - 11/23/13

Scottish pirate metallers sailed in to the Token Lounge this last Saturday, with Norwegian party animals Trollfest in tow. Rounding out the national lineup was SoCal hard rockers, Gypsyhawk. Local rockers Hazardhead got the party started for the national acts.

Hazardhead played a roughly thirty minute set of throwback hard rock that easily brought thoughts of 80s-era Motley Crue and L.A. Guns to mind, but with a little more kick. Gypsyhawk, before imploring the crowd to share their alcohol with them, belted out some tight hard rock tracks that would have made Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, and Deep Purple proud; I heard elements of all three of those bands in their songs.

Trollfest, to me, was the highlight of the night. Hailing from the northern forests of Norway (well, actually, just Oslo) Trollfest played a frenetic set of folkish black metal, complete with accordions. The musical highlight of their set was their cover of Britney Spears' "Toxic". Yes, that got the crowd going!

Despite his self-admitted ripping hangover, Alestorm frontman Chris Bowes managed to nap it off in time to lead a high-engergy set that started off with "The Quest" and took us through Alestorm's discography. For good measure, they played a rousing cover of The Village People's "In the Navy", which seemed to be a fan favorite.

Both Alestorm and Trollfest took a few minutes to sit with me to discuss subjects varying from work on their respective upcoming albums, experiences on their current tour, favorite American beers, disco, and John Denver. Motorcityblog thanks both bands for their time!

I think I speak for everyone in attendance that night in thanking Alestorm and Trollfest for stopping by Detroit, and that we hope they both return very, very soon.

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