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Schiffer Book review of Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground Matthew Chojnacki

"Snazzy is as Snazzy Does!"
Gwen Joy is an artist who specializes in colorful folk art paintings. 
Life experience is her subject matter which is translated in a lyrical/mythical fashion.
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Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground is a collection of posters complied by Matthew Chojnacki. This book gives the viewer the chance to see rare movie posters done by cutting edge artists and graphic designers. There was a limited supply of these posters and they are very valuable. Often the films chosen to inspire a poster were cult classics like Pink Flamingos,  Killer Clowns From Outer Space, and Blade Runner. Also big hits like Star Wars, The Godfather, and Poltergeist had a limited run of posters done by commissioned artists. In total there are 200 posters from over 100 artists. Also supplied in this informative and visually stunning collection is information about each artist, their idea for the poster, and their influences.  

There are many clever works in this volume but my favorites are Simon C. Page's poster for Alfred Hitchcock's film Vertigo and James Gilleard's poster for King Kong. This is a worthwhile purchase for anyone interested in art, design, and the history of film. 

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