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*TONIGHT* Christopher Samuels at North End Studios : 7:00pm

Christopher Samuels

 Nov 11th, 2013 

"The heterotopia is capable of juxtaposing in a single real place several spaces, several sites that are in themselves incompatible"
-Michel Foucault, Of Other Spaces

Art making is a selfish act. It usually involves the artists, closed off in their studio, divulging themselves in every complex / embarrassing idea he or she can conjure up. The real payoff comes when the artist then exhibits their work to the public with hopes of reassurance of a job well done through accolades and pats on the back. This is necessary.


Performance by Paul Bancell TBA


Christopher Samuels was raised in metro Detroit mixed with a brief stint in the deep south of Florida. Samuels creates works that expose the mythologies of comfort and class in the 21st century while utilizing handmade & every day objects as symbolic cues. In 2009 he co-founded the artist-run gallery Org Contemporary and in 2010 he attended Skowhegan School Of Painting & Sculpture. Samuels' has participated in exhibitions at the Austin Museum of Art's Arthouse at the Jones Center in Austin, TX, Purdue University, IN and recently at Brennan & Griffin Gallery, New York. In 2013 Samuels will exhibit a short film at the Pollock Gallery, Meadows Museum of SMU University in Dallas Texas. Samuels currently lives and works in Detroit, Mi.


5101 Loraine Street
Detroit, MI 48208