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THANKSGIVING EVE BASH! Triple music video premier featuring The Infatuations, Paulina Jayne, & The Mike Leslie Band

 Three of Detroit's biggest and best local bands are throwing a party and you're invited.

Join Detroit's biggest acts, The Infatuations, Paulina Jayne, and The Mike Leslie Band as they premier brand new music videos before their show on Thanksgiving Eve, at the Magic Bag in Ferndale. All of the music videos were filmed by Michigan film students from Madonna University's Broadcast and Cinema Arts program - Capstone Film Class. They will also all include some famous Detroit locations. We had the chance to ask a few questions to each of the artists about the new videos. 

 The Infatuations

The Infatuations are premiering a video for their brand new song, "Yesterday Morning". It was filmed at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra's Max M. Fisher Music Center. We asked The Infatuations founder, Christian Draheim, a few questions about the video.

MCB: Why a video for "Yesterday Morning"?
Christian:  Capstone had a concept for a music video and they were looking for a song around the time we were working on "Yesterday Morning". Unaware they were looking for a song I happened to have sent Jennifer Champagne (the class instructor and executive producer) a demo of "Yesterday Morning". 

MCB: How did it come about/ why use Capstone Film Class to make the video?
Christian: Capstone did their very 1st music video with us for Blame It On You in December of 2011.  Dan at Showtime Clothing in Detroit told us about them, and put us in contact with Jennifer. Capstone and The Infatuations have become good friends and Wolf, Nick, and I have worked with them on other videos too as band members or cameos. My girlfriend has been the wardrobe supervisor on several of their videos too. 

MCB: Tell me about the plot/theme for the video.
Christian:  It's a performance piece vs. being a story line. In addition of the band, we have Capstone Choir and the Detroit Metropolitan Youth Symphony featured in the video. The orchestration arrangement was created by Herschel Boone and Kevin Wilt. 

You can stream the audio of the new song, "Yesterday Morning" here:

About The Infatuations:  
The Infatuations are "Simply Detroit." The Motor City starts coming out of your speakers the second the first note hits. This band celebrates every sonic movement that is undeniably "Detroit" with every song they create and perform; from Motown soul to the inescapable good-time bravado of Parliament Funkadelic, to the raw, untamed rock energy of MC5 and Detroit Rock City's last three decades of powerful rock n roll. The Infatuations compel you to dance to the groove. Be sure to check them out on the web at and on facebook at

Paulina Jayne

Paulina Jayne is premiering a video for her song, "He Doesn't Know It Yet". It was filmed at The Grosse Pointe Yacht Club (including a 40-foot sailboat) and the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House. We asked Paulina a few questions about the video.

MCB: Why a video for "He Doesn't Know It Yet"?
Paulina:  The song that I chose to make a music video for is called, "He Doesn't Know It Yet". I recently started working with a new, phenomenal, Emmy-awarding-winning, number one hit songwriting producer of Nashville, TN, by the name of Trey Bruce. I can only remember about half of the amazing things he has on his resume because there are so many! Haha He produced this song of mine, and I have never felt so satisfied with the production of my music. I am in love with his work. 

MCB: How did it come about/ why use Capstone Film Class to make the video?
Paulina: I decided to play it for my dear friend, Jennifer Champagne (the professor of the Capstone Film Class), and she contacted her students right after the song ended telling them that my song would be their next project. My first music video was filmed by them about a year ago, so I was already aware of the outstanding talent and professionalism that the class has. In fact they won a student Emmy for it!

MCB:Tell me about the plot/theme for the video.
Paulina: We filmed at The Grosse Pointe Yacht Club and at the Edsel Ford House to put together a video portraying a young girl who would steal away a guy's heart, but he didn't know it yet.

About Paulina Jayne:
Paulina Jayne is a high school junior who recently turned 17 years old. She started piano lessons at age 6 and began songwriting at age 9. Self-taught on the guitar, ukelele, and mandolin, her repertoire now includes well over 200 songs in all genres, though her country tunes have most recently captured national attention. Be sure to check her out on the web at and on facebook at

The Mike Leslie Band
The Mike Leslie Band is premiering a video for their new single, "Weather Vane".  It was filmed on the rooftop of Town Pump at midnight, showcasing the city lights of Detroit. We asked Mike Leslie a few questions about the video.

MCB: Why a video for "Weather Vane"?
Mike: This song is our new single, "Weather Vane". It's very upbeat and catchy, and needed a good video

MCB: How did it come about/ why use Capstone Film Class to make the video?
Mike: I was in the Ty Stone video for "Faith in Love" made by capstone, and it was a wonderful experience. I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather work with for my video. 

MCB: Tell me about the plot/theme for the video.
Mike: The theme is very simple, the band is playing the song on the roof of the Town Pump at night in Detroit. You can see the whole Detroit skyline. As the song progresses the weather gets rough and the wind picks up and there's debris everywhere, like a disaster is happening.

About Mike Leslie Band:
Formed in Downtown Detroit during the hot and steamy summer of 2012, Mike Leslie Band is undeniably a product of their environment. MLB offers an eclectic twist of pop music while delivering hook after hook of spine chilling melodies hauntingly relatable lyrics. Check out the band on facebook at

The Magic Bag Theater Triple Video Premiere:

22920 Woodward Avenue
Ferndale, Michigan 48220
(248) 544-3030

Doors Open: 8:00pm
Age: 18+
Tickets:  $10