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M-NUS SHOWCASE: Matador *live | Hobo | Chuck Flask & Keith Kemp this Friday Night

Brought to you by Bleu Detroit, Slur Records & Movement 
18 + to enter
Free for 21 + with RSVP 


The Matador Project was set up in December 2006 by Producer/Engineer/DJ “Gavin Lynch”. This guise was simply intended for the writing & releasing of work created in the early hours…Nightworks, this time being when production is at its most natural for the ‘Matador Sound’.

These early productions often went back and forth as they were road tested at various dj residencies in Dublin, ’515@Tripod’, ‘Acii Disco’, & the infamous ‘Mixed Salad’ parties. These nights & parties would pave the way, stimulate & energize this project & sound in a huge way for the years to come…..

Trained as a chef, sound engineer & music producer, Gavin has found his place comfortably in any creative environment, and takes great pride in the work & ethics involved. The journey into techno first began when listening to early dj compilations, ‘Dave Clarkes World Service’, ‘Richie Hawtin’s Decks Efx 909′ and various others. These 2 particular mixes retained amazing tracklists & from listening to them over & over, whilst sourcing the singles on vinyl, production & engineering was the natural course to take. Understanding, educating, consuming, growing, with time & energy…

Having worked and experienced many studio environments, Gavin is now based in Dublin Ireland in his own production studio where, day to day, night to night, music is being created, drums processed, sound designed & tracks completed…

From the early success of his remix of ‘Perc – Work Softer’ which gained the support from top industry leaders, Gavin has gone on to a string of Releases & Remixes on some high end prints including; Trapez, Cocoon, 1605, Rekluse, Harthouse & many more…

Building on some solid production foundations & great live shows, this project continues to evolve & surprise with each week that passes.. keep watching!

Despite being an integral member of the Minus family since 2007, Joel Boychuk very much has his own identity. On a select number of EPs and singles over the years has the Canadian explored his own raw form of techno expressionism: sometimes dark and abstract, others more sample heavy and groove based, it is music for all recesses of both your mind, and the dancefloor.

As a child it was drums and indie bands which interested Joel: formal training in percussion and music theory occupied much of his youth until the mid to late 90s, but then came electronica into his life…

“Once a friend showed me Kraftwerk’s Computer World I quickly shifted my attention to electronica,” says Joel. “I could pick up radio stations from Detroit and it was from there I discovered everything from Plastikman to Jeff Mills to Juan Atkins, all the way over to drum & bass and weirder IDM from labels like Warp.”

From that point on, Joel devoured as much electronic music as possible, though a little helping hand from his mother in gaining a fake ID was what really set him off. With ID in hand, he went on to spend every weekend exploring warehouse parties around Detroit, forever fomenting his own techno tastes and meeting life long friends and colleagues who now tour Europe in their own right.

And so does Joel, with dates in the past at influential clubs like Watergate, Berlin (his first overseas performance, no less) Womb, Tokyo, fabric, London and Rex, Paris as well as festivals like Sonar, Love Parade and Timewarp, constantly channelling those early 90s Detroit influences from the city’s radio stations to its DJs to the famed Untitled party at The Shelter.

A keen proponent of doing his own thing and going his own way, Hobo production gems to date include ‘Failsafe’ and ‘Midnight’ plucked from 2008’s From A to B as well as ‘Symptom’ off his Trackz EP. Most recently, of course, the debut full length Iron Triangle has been a critical success since release in February. The album explores stripped back synth textures, minimal grooves and comes doused in plenty of organic atmosphere, but also marks the closing of a chapter for Hobo…

Having spent a lot of time crafting his album, the man now wants to focus on DJing (after being an almost exclusively live performer for 6 years) and intends to get to work writing some all out dancefloor jams. “I’m really just hoping to have a lot of fun on the road this year” he says. Should you join him at any point on that road, it’s likely you will too.


Longtime friends and conspirators Chuck Flask and Keith Kemp began their musical voyage while spinning vinyl in the Detroit underground scene. A common sound developed that seamlessly transitions from minimal, Detroit techno and through to deep house and ghetto-tek. With similar and eclectic musical backgrounds, each member brings a specific set of overlapping talents to the turntables through their mixing, programming, performance and experience.

Technical performers who first started playing vinyl, their combined DJ experience and record collection have given them techno's greatest tools in all creative areas of electronic music. Their combined sonic chemistry and DJ techniques have firmly sharpened with the inclusion of Traktor. Exposing audiences to the next level of electronic music, Chuck and Keith are sure to including sirens, horns and spoken dialogue into their bag of tricks and classics.

Every First Wednesday of the Month @ The Loving Touch