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NEXT MONTH: Mythbusters Live @ the Fox

December 8 2013

The all-new, live stage show “MythBusters Behind the Myths,” starring Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, co-hosts of the Emmy-nominated Discovery series MythBusters,” promises to be an unexpected evening of on-stage experiments, audience participation, rocking video and behind-the-scenes stories. For the first time ever, fans will join Jamie and Adam on stage and assist in their mind-twisting and not always orthodox approach to science.

“MythBusters Behind the Myths” brings you face to face with the curious world of Jamie and Adam as the duo matches wits on stage with each other and members of the audience.

“MythBusters Behind the Myths” is family friendly and appropriate for all ages. Parents should only bring young children if they can sit through a two hour theatrical show without disrupting other audience members.

Q:  Is this family friendly?  Can I bring my kids?
A:  Absolutely.  This is a show for all ages!

Q:  Can I take photos and video during the show?
A:  Unfortunately, we do not allow you to take photos or video during the show.  However, there is one point in the show where Jamie and Adam encourage you to take a photo.

Q:  I want to volunteer for experiments on stage!  How can I do that?
A:  Volunteers will be selected at random from the audience.

Q:  What does a VIP ticket include?
A:  The BEHIND THE MYTHS VIP ticket will include an exclusive Meet & Greet with Mr. Savage and Mr. Hyneman and other VIP guests immediately following the show. Each ticket holder will be given a VIP Meet and Greet pass and a pre-signed 8X10 photo. VIP ticket holders will have the opportunity to take a photo with Jamie and Adam. Additional merchandise will be available for purchase in the lobby prior to the Meet & Greet. If you have additional questions, please contact the venue.