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Review: Masquerade of Red Death Sat. Oct 26

So there was a weekend a couple weeks back that had so much going on, Cheapy Creepy, Gareth Emery, Detroit Fanfare and the Masquerade of Red Death that I have just begun digging my way out. Like a zombie I went shambling around Crofoot and Electricity both nights snapping photos like they were brains on buffet table.  

Here’s a slideshow of some of the sights from the weekend: 

Now that we’ve got that covered, I’m going to take some space on one of the more unique events of the weekend, The Masquerade of Red Death (MRD). Spanning all of Crofoot,  MRD followed the outline of the ball from the famed Vincent Price movie, with seven colored rooms, all with themes. From the front entry with fortune tellers to the very upstairs with artwork and popcorn, every room and nook of the Crofoot had something interesting to take part in. 

On the main floor I took in a hair raising magic act that included a strait jacket escape and pouncing on shards of glass. 

Later, innovative violin virtuoso, Dixon, played a set of electric violin music and the Blazing Belly Dance did some mesmerizing shimmering and shaking. The time between acts featured segments of the Red Death acted out by members of the audience.

The best parts of the evening were spent seeing and meeting with the crowd that all attended the event wearing their Masquerade best. It was one of those nights when everyone in attendance got the memo and came more than willing to take part in the revelry. The decadent costumes and masques along with the setting really did give you the feeling you were transported to a party in a special circle of hell reserved for good hearted debauchery and wickedness. 

This post by Mikel O.D. of MPAD Media where you can find more Halloween pics.

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