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Free Tickets: TV GHOST @The Magic Stick

TV Ghost
opening for Holograms, with Sapphic
December 9th (Monday), at the Magic Stick
$10, doors at 8

Tim Gick was just returning from the alley back into the scene of the aborted show that had shamed him out of the record store. The guitar and bass so recently abandoned, had been taken up by Jackson VanHorn and Brahne Hoeft respectively. It was early in the year 2005.  The three spent the next year or so together with Jimmy Frezza in stoned tragedy, hammering away obscurely, trying to divine signs in the wake of small town existence. But nothing would stabilize.  Stark times for an isolated teenager with no prospect for the future. In late 2006, with a shared malaise for the cultural waste that had born them up, TV Ghost was formed.  Now after six years of extensive touring TV Ghost bring you Disconnect.  With the cybernetic squalor of Cold Fish and the churning sea-saw of Mass Dream, still lingering in strands overhead, TV Ghost have found a new maturity in their third full-length for In The Red Records. Disconnect is a journey to the depths of the dream and its awakening.

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