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The Mavericks Show at Royal Oak Music Theatre Review

by Al Bruting

Last night The Mavericks brought their 25th anniversary celebration show to a sold out crowd at the Royal Oak Music Theatre.  From their hits to stylized covers to newer music, they nailed it with a high energy, genre crossing sound.  While the band really connected well with the audience, the depth of that connection augmented through the show, leading to a stand off with ROMT security.

Security employees couldn't keep fans with back row tickets out of the front row.  Malo decided to step in and take charge, finally just leaving the bum rushers where they were.  Security didn't check tickets and wanderers got back up to the front a few times, so he made the call and threw security out.  The band halted in the middle of "Dance the Night Away" to do this.  It was better than a hockey game.

The band took the stage with a seven piece line up, including two horns, two guitars, drums, keys and a stand up bass.  Two things stood out.  Seven people that were apart for 10 years came together and played that tight in a such a short period of time.  Second, they outdrew the bar.  The bar quickly cleared out, leaving 6 bartenders downstairs with almost no one to serve for the entire show.  Music was the buzz and they kept the ball in the air for over two hours.  The band took a break while Malo did a solo cover of the Don Gibson country ballad "Sweet Dreams." Just Malo and his acoustic showcased a voice with real power behind it.

"I've got this feeling" stood out as a song that demonstrated the richness of the tone that could be reproduced live on stage.  Offering a deep and echoing reverb heard clearly on lead, cutting through six other instruments  Almost like a surf tone with a country attitude.

I've Got This Feeling

The Mavericks ended the night with a thank you to Detroit as being a supporter since the beginning and a promise to a positive return.  After an interesting night in Royal Oak, the tour continues on west and into Canada.  The next step for the band is a new recording.  Songs are still being written and the release date is TBD.  For news, dates and music check out the home page.

The Mavericks