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DEATH - At United Sound Systems Studio

The story of the band DEATH is an incredible one. A group of brothers from Detroit taking influence and family encouragement to create something so special, it took the rest of the world years to realize. 

You can watch the documentary A Band Called Death from 2012 which tells the story of the Hackney brothers in Detroit in the early seventies playing hard driving rock and roll. They would later be undeniably credited as the first punk band. 

DEATH was a headliner for this years Metrotimes Blowout 17 and played to capacity at the Magic Stick. Before the evenings festival the DEATH crew along with the wonderful people at United Sound Systems Studios and Nardo of Navdo Presents notoriety held a memorable meet and greet. 

MCB and some others toured through the studio: noted as the very first independent recording studio in the world- with Death and some of their family members. The tour took us through each room of the facility and we were all treated to stories of when the studio thrived with recording artists like Aretha Franklin and George Clinton. - One day DEATH was recording in one part of the studio. During a break they heard a beautiful voice singing through another part of the building and asked who that could be. The answer was Gladys Knight. The brothers asked to meet the Motown legend with great excitement. When the engineer requested if she would meet them she asked who it was. He replied "The band is DEATH". She said "Then lock the door. I do not want to meet death today." 

here's some photos