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Electronic Dance Music: What Spins Detroit? 5/20 U of M Detroit Center

With Memorial Day weekend just around the corner, electronic dance music will be at the forefront of Detroit’s music scene once again. On Tuesday, May 20 from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m., the University of Michigan Detroit Center, in partnership with the Detroit Techno Foundation and Paxahau is proud to present, Electronic Dance Music: What Spins Detroit? 
Open to the general public, this event includes complimentary admission, parking and light refreshments for all attendees.
Throughout the history of music, movement has been an instinctive response to the sounds people experience. From the early days of tribal gatherings to modern-day music festivals, musicians have brought people together to experience the natural phenomenon of dancing.
Through an audio/visual presentation, Electronic Dance Music: What Spins Detroit? will highlight the evolution of DJ equipment, history of music mixing, and significance of Detroit in progressing electronic dance music.
In addition to the demonstration, a brief discussion will examine the history behind house and techno music, the origin of the DJ, and how the electronic dance music (EDM) DJ has also become the musician/artist. 
Participants for this event include:
Carl Craig is a Grammy-nominated composer, world-class DJ and an “ambassador” for the City of Detroit. He is also credited with being one of the most influential artists in Detroit’s second generation of Techno.
Since breaking into the electronic music scene in the late 1980s, Carl’s sound has been considered unique compared to many other "Detroit Techno" artists, with an emphasis on jazz music and world beats.
In 1989, Carl released his first track in 1989 on a Virgin UK compilation album, followed by two singles with his first collaborator, Derrick May. In 1991, Carl launched his second record label, Planet E, with the revolutionary EP, “4 Jazz Funk Classics,” under his alias 69. 
With many successful albums under a variety of aliases, including 69, BFC, Designer Music, Paperclip People, Psyche and Innerzone Orchestra, Carl is known to have one of the most dynamic styles in the electronic music industry. In 1992, he conceivably released his best-known track, "Bug in The Bassbin”; a track that many regard as a key influence in the evolution of drum and bass music. In addition to this groundbreaking sound from this period, some of Carl’s most popular singles/EPs include “Floor” (1996), “Just Another Day” (2004) and “Paris Live” (2007).
Outside of his musical endeavors, Carl served as co-creator and artistic director for the widely popular Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2000 and 2001.
In 2011, his music label, Planet-E, celebrated its 20th birthday. In honor of this occasion, Carl took the label’s artists and collaborators on a world tour for the first time in their history.
In 2014, Carl Craig will be making his sixth appearance in seven years at the Movement Festival at Detroit’s Hart Plaza.
Stacey Pullen is a Detroit native electronic music DJ and producer from the second wave of Detroit techno pioneers. After high school, Stacey attended the University of Tennessee, but continuously drove home to Detroit where he DJ’ed at the legendary night club, “The Music Institute.”
Under the mentorship of Detroit's legendary Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson, Stacey refined his talents as an electronic music producer and performer. As he moved up the DJ ranks, Stacey performed at world-class venues, including the Ministry of Sound in London and Rex Club in Paris.
With his unique atmospheric electronic sound, Stacey has successfully built his reputation as an outstanding producer and one of the most sought after DJs in the industry, often performing weekly across the world.
After releasing original music and remixes under a variety of labels throughout his career, such as, Saved Records, Elypsia, Cadenza, and Science, Stacey currently works under his own, independent label, Blackflag Recordings.
With deep ties to Detroit and a world-class music reputation, Stacey Pullen will perform at the 2014 Movement festival in Detroit.
Brenden Gillen is a founding member of the group, Ectomorph, and brings a unique perspective to Detroit Techno. His group released their first single in 1995 as an attempt to make Detroit music for Detroiters and not exclusively for export.
The group’s early singles led to epic status within the techno world.  A strong underground cult following has continued to develop through releases on their own label, Interdimensional Transmissions. Ectomorph’s live shows are legendary for their ability to fluidly incorporate the improvisational techniques of jazz into their synthesized music.

Outside of the DJ world, Gillen has also worked as an audio engineer and producer. From mastering the first Ghostly projects to producing Wolf Eyes' Sub Pop album, his experience in Detroit’s Techno moment is truly unmatched.
Tom Newman is the Executive Director of the Detroit Techno Foundation and has managed the main stage of the Movement Festival (Paxahau) in Detroit since 2006. A well-known DJ and Producer in his own right, Tom has been involved with Detroit Techno for more than 20 years. For one of his most recent projects, Tom was commissioned by Ford to create an original track using both analog and digital sounds from the 2013 Ford Fusion.
For additional information about this event, please contact the U-M Detroit Center at / 313-593-3584.
The University of Michigan Detroit Center is located on the first floor of Orchestra Place, 3663 Woodward Avenue (next to Orchestra Hall).