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Ellie Goulding | Caesars Windsor | May 8, 2014 by BRIT CHIC & LAWRENCECREATIVE

Images by LAWRENCECREATIVE | Review by Jan Thompson, Brit Chic

This was our first time crossing the border to go to a concert which made this evening seem somewhat of an adventure.  For Brits going to Canada it always feels a bit closer to home because of course, we share the same Queen.  We made our way over the Ambassador Bridge, warm rays flooding through the windows, and made a smooth crossing into Canada and on to Caesars Windsor.

When we arrived at the huge casino complex which looks back at the D and makes it seem rather glamorous, we headed inside.  What surprised us most was the diversity of the fans of Ellie Goulding, the young beautiful British singer just finishing up her North American tour.  A comment from my husband made us chuckle “the average age of an Ellie Goulding fan is 9” which of course was an exaggeration.  However there were young girls with their parents, teenagers, young adults and a few of us older crowd who made up her strong fan base.

And so the show started with power and punch and her unique vocals, which did seem a little tired after her long tour, soaring through the air. The show was spectacular from start to finish.  Ellie is gorgeous, talented and deeply connected to her music.  She wore black baggy pants, a crop top which she told us was a bikini top, and at first a black silky jacket.  She could wear anything and look stunning!  

Her songs are uplifting, passionate and very pop based; they make you want to dance, smile, cry and sing.  Her band was dynamic and tight and their energy was amazing.  Ellie said herself she normally plays to more intimate audiences but she showed no nerves or intimidation in front of this large crowd.  From the standing audience at the front to the seated audience at the back everyone seemed engaged and captivated by her music. 

In my opinion the twenty-something Goulding has a long music career ahead of her.  I really hope she comes back to this neck of the woods real soon!

Jan Thompson, Brit Chic in the D