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Motor City Comic Con: A Super Good Time

Motor City Comic Con strolled into town this weekend with three packed days of celebrities, comic book artists and cosplayers up the wazoo! Friday started with the usual pace of a nice size crowd of fans getting an early peek of the show. This year’s show more than ever before was full of big TV stars. William Shatner had a long line that wrapped around the aisles the entire weekend. I read he’s 82- years-old, but he must have a jacuzzi with the secret of youth formula because he never tires. Scott Wilson, Hershel from AMC’s the Walking Dead, had a steady line as he greeted every fan with a smile and words of wisdom. Saturday was a full house with what must have been thousands of fans inside while hundreds of others were searching for parking spaces. In the showroom the aisles were full comic artists displaying their work. The hidden gem of the show was J. O’Barr, hidden at the back of the hall but displaying pages of his work on the Crow and sharing stories of Detroit in the 90’s.
Scott Wilson of the Walking Dead

On Sunday the best panels came when John Barrowman of Torchwood shared his enthusiasm for Scifi and meeting fans. Katie Cassidy of Arrow was charming and comedic during her panel as she spoke about her love of fashion and acting.

But, honestly it was hard to focus on the comics and artwork with a hall full of cosplayers. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn cosplayers were there in droves among the Star Wars faves and several others costumed up as our superhero favorites. At the end of the weekend, my stash from MCCC included original artwork, a few cheap trade paperbacks, autographs, a few hundred pictures and a thousand memories.

Post by Mikel OD, see more cosplay photos at MPAD Media