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My Best Girl showing at Redford Theatre - Friday April 25th

at the
April 25
8 pm

*The Redford Theatre has a surprising range
of cultural significance unparalleled in our region.

From Classic Movie Film Noir (Sunset Boulevard), to the first Romantic
Comedy (My Best Girl), to the most successful 3 Stooges Festival in the
world, the Redford lays out the red carpet for all ages and all tastes in
American Cinema spanning 100 years.

Who would have thought that the Redford Theatre would be hosting one
of the most significant cultural events of the year with their upcoming Silent
Film presentation?
Highlights include:
- Detroit Public Library 16mm archive newsreel footage
of 1920’s - 30’s era vintage Detroit.

- “They Would Elope”, a 1909 early silent short featuring America’s
Sweetheart Mary Pickford on loan from the Library of Congress in
restored 35mm.

- “My Best Girl” from 1927 starring Pickford. This film marks the
emergence of a sub-genre of American Cinema commonly referred to
as Romantic Comedy.

- John Lauter, nationally known for his fine period accompaniment of
silent films, provides the soundtrack on the Redford’s amazing Silent
Era Theatre Organ for all the film presentations.

- Christel Schmidt, editor at the Library of Congress and noted
Pickford scholar will fly in from Washington, D.C. to host the
proceedings in conjunction with the Library of Congress
commemoration of 100 years of Mary Pickford on film.

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