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PHOTOS: MEW at New Way Bar Ferndale by Moneypenny

Hello MCB readers - Moneypenny here,
back from slackerland!

Well...not really,
but I did manage to stumble across something
to write home about this weekend so dig in...

I was pleasantly surprised when my good friend Ann (who now lives in Nashville) said she was going to drive all the way up here to see her friends band play their annual reunion show.
According to her, MEW was worth the trip and she promised I would love it.
Ann has never let me down on a good time, so I grabbed my gear
and my sexy assistant Mark
and headed to the New Way Bar in Ferndale.

Once there I was quickly introduced to
both drummers
in MEW.
Marek, who sings lead and plays hand drums, and Cliff, who sings backup and plays the drum set are founding members of the band and have known each other since 1981. Both were members of the influential Detroit industrial band Shock Therapy in the late 80's and early 90's.
Marek explained that after a long haul with Shock Therapy they were sick of playing "the depressing shit" and in 1995 they turned to drums to tap into their neglected positivity.
It started out as only drums, but other musicians
couldn't help but want to be a part of the infectious groove
and soon MEW, meaning "My Entire World"
formed a whole band creating a calypso sound.

The band broke up in 2002, but has an annual reunion that attracts a loyal crowd of long-time fans and enthusiastic newcomers who are curious to hear what the heck these guys sound like.
If you're looking for Shock Therapy here,
you will be...well, shocked, as there is nothing somber or electronic about this group
(check it out for yourself at
With a highly energetic Marek in front wearing pink leopard-skin pants, MEW has an impressive collection of instruments and musicians and the prominent drums gives their music a tropical vibe that had the girls all swaying like hula dancers. They made everyone move, even Jimmy Doom was shaking his butt out there. I don't think I sat down again till I got in the car to go home.

The New Way Bar is kickass. Lisa is the sweetest (and loveliest) bartender ever. She asked who I was shooting for and when I said MOTORCITYBLOG,
she goes "oh, yeah...that cutie Kirk, right?" ;)
The whole staff seemed to have a great time with the patrons. With the combination of friendly atmosphere, dizzying dance floor experience and my good friend beer, I left with my sides aching from laughter and some seriously tired feet.

Thanks to Ann, the New Way Bar and MEW for good times.
I look forward to next years reunion!
I like it, U like it...


"Moneypenny IS DETROIT"
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