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PHOTOS: Wonderland @ RIC by Brett Lawrence

© LAWRENCEcreative 2009
MCB's Brett Lawrence documented the Wonderland shows for the group

"Even though it literally took me three (3) performances to capture all of these images, every second spent in this intimate theatre setting was worth it in every sense of the word.

Held at the Russell Industrial Complex in our favorite Detroit, one had to travel via the industrial service elevator to the 5th floor where the theatre was located. Not your typical entrance into a play, but then again, this isn't your typical town nor your typical play.

With the combination of the fine folks who bring us the annual Theatre Bizarre Halloween Party every October and the ever-beautiful and voluptuous Roxi Delite, one could only assume that the nite's entertainment would be well worth the $15 ticket price. Simply put, it was worth every penny.

Burlesque + original music and beautiful voices + Alice in Wonderland re-interpreted + mixed drinks/Pabst + Suspension Artists + Satori Circus + breakdancing mimes + the creepiest Chesire Cat this side of reality = one hell of a twisted good time.

Thanks to Casey at Fisticuff Productions for arranging for photo access. "

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