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5000 POSTS - MCB5 date is being moved to ???

Well - this is post #5000 on the ol' MOTORCITYBLOG

Its been a funny 5 years and continues to be ironic of sorts

After months of planning and working out all the details for MCB5
We just discovered that the monster truck rally at Ford Field is the same day
Now if you were at the Ron Asheton Tribute show last year
then you know what I am talking about -
it was $40 to park and there were streams and streams
of monster truck rally folks all over the place
it was a mess downtown detroit

So we are possibly moving the date out a week
but check it out and stay tuned for more info on our 5 year party.....
Here are the details!
We hope you come out
and help us celebrate MCB in style

Contact: Rick Manore

MOTORCITYBLOG celebrates 5 Years of Anti-Blogging
with diverse musical showcase and Detroit music photography exhibit
at Music Hall Jazz Café on Saturday January 16th 2010

MOTORCITYBLOG (Detroit’s Anti-Blog) was started in late 2004
as a regular everyday personal blog and has evolved into a very popular
current events website dedicated to promoting the great talent
in and around the city of Detroit.

MCB has organically grown to include over 20 contributors with talents ranging from live event photography, video capture/editing, and writing but also have helped bridge the gap within the cultural community due to the diversity of events covered by the publication.

Working with local venues and a laundry list of public relation firms they have covered events such as Red Bull Air Races to Presidential Press Conferences to DEMF to NAIAS 2009 with amazing photography, video interviews and promotional efforts that serve both the community as well as the promoters that seek out MCB as a way to reach out into the community to deliver a message.

With their finger on the pulse of this city they are dedicated to finding what makes Detroit stand out. MCB brings forth those elements of the city which might remain hidden otherwise for everyone to enjoy and embrace.

Saturday January 16th 2010
Doors 7pm – 2pm
With portion of proceeds going to Music Hall Detroit

Jazz Cafe at Music Hall 350 Madison Detroit, MI 28226
(313) 887-8500

Musical Lineup for Jazz Cafe
Ken’s Loud Band (with Ken Stanley)
Electric Fire Babies
Mick Bassett & The Marthas
Satori Circus
The Lincolns UK
Kinetic Stereokids
BlasĂ©’ Splee

MOTORCITYBLOG Detroit Music Photography Exhibit
3rd Floor Mezzanine Level w/ Special Guest DJ

Quotes from supporters:

"If you want the real low down on Detroit music and happenings, MOTORCITYBLOG is where it's at. We always check MCB to find out what to do and where to go in the Motor City!"
– Dana Forrester/On the Rocks Detroit

MCB's multimedia Concert of Colors coverage ROCKS! You can count on MCB to both get the word out to Detroit's hippest and to BE THERE covering the action. MCB is Detroit's coolest cultural cheerleader! - Kim Silarski / AANM / ACCESS

"An obvious labor of love that rises above the usual mediocrity with off the wall yet relevant content, you can trust them because MCB is more like a friend than a website. A friend that not only knows what's up, but digs in and pulls out the steaming viscera from Detroit's underbelly that you might of missed. - Jerry Vile / The Dirty Show

"MCB manages to be both badass as well as one of the most professional blogs out there.
If you're in the Detroit area, it's the no-brainer place to check for something fun to do
or see what you missed in case you didn’t make the show.”
-Kabeer Malhotra – Girlie Action NYC

Kill commercialism could be another way to describe the MOTORCITY Anti BLOG, community with an edge, power to inform and entertain with no advertising, just real info for real people.
-Jesse Cory / 323East

Congratulations to our friends over at MOTORCITYBLOG on five years of reppin' Detroit's finest.
Keep up the good work! -Marah Eakin / Bloodshot Records

"If it's happening in Detroit, you'll read about it on MOTORCITYBLOG. Presenting a cherry-picked selection of the best shows and events that the Motor City has to offer, MCB is definitely your 411 one-stop..." - Dianna Frank / Live Nation Detroit

"MOTORCITYBLOG has their finger on the pulse of Detroit."
-Natalie Sugarman / ROMT

MCB is a rockin' Detroit blog that provides unique entertainment news, giveaways, and more.
The MCB team is a pleasure to work with, and I congratulate them on an amazing five years!
Jim Miller – Publicity Works

“Working with MOTORCITYBLOG has been such a natural fit for the DIA, MCB readers want to know what’s going on in Detroit from someone who knows and cares about the city, and we’re one piece of the juicy art pie that is Detroit.”
Pamela Marcil – PR Director Detroit Institute of Arts

MOTORCITYBLOG is a great resource for what's going on in Detroit, especially when you just want the facts and no side banter or opinion. Any time I've worked with a staff member of MCB I've found them to be enthusiastic, professional and really passionate about art, music and nightlife in Detroit.
Melody Baetens - SMALL'S BAR and Stranglehold Booking & Promotions

MOTORCITYBLOG has been instrumental in helping us launch our company.
They’ve been at our side from the start, helping us to promote our service in inventive ways, and suggesting helpful partnerships and events. We owe a lot of our success to MCB.
Jennifer Harlan - Marketing Director of The Night Move

"Motorcityblog is, by far, the most oft-updated local blog in Detroit. The MCB crew is easy to work with, prompt and complete in their coverage of the coolest and best events. The variety of Detroit's entertainment and culture events featured on MCB is unparalleled."
Carrie Adler - PJ's Lager House

Performer bios:
Ken’s Loud Band -
What would you get if you crossed Warren Zevon with Alex Chilton?
With over 500 songs recorded over the last 20 years, the former Blurbs, Dog & Pony Show & Only A Mother mainstay, Ken Stanley, records with this crack unit (The Loud Band) which includes drumming legend, Doug Gourlay, multi-instrumentalist/Producer, Glenn Calley and bassist, Sean Whitaker. Ken Stanley writes majestic and sometimes, baroque Rock music, which hearkens back to the loud, hooky and literate music of the mid 70’s. Stanley’s amazing songwriting skills will alternately remind you of Bob Dylan, The Jazz Butcher, Dramarama, The Bonzo Dog Band and Mott The Hoople. Don’t let the name fool you, KLB could quite possibly be the best kept secret in Detroit. It must run in the DNA as Stanley’s cousins are The Bluegrass legends, The Stanley Brothers.
The KLB is set to self- release their latest album, “Good For The Bones” in February.

Electric Fire Babies -
Electric Fire Babies are a project from Detroit Michigan that was started & conceived in the Spring 2008 by Lo-Fi Bri (aka CARJACK - a one man electro punk band from Detroit), Justin Audio (guitar player from numerous Detroit bands and Miss N. EFB sound is a hybrid of a variety of music and genres (B-52’s meets LL Cool J meets the Channel 62’s ‘The New Dance Show) Connecting with the audiences & getting people to loosen up & get down is EFB’s primary goal.

Mick Bassett and The Marthas -
"A dark, sinewy romanticism, raspy and full of character – these young spook-folk stalwarts are a force to be reckoned with in the tradition of smoky voodoo flavored minstrels and on-another-planet-auteurs of piano-led folk."

Satori Circus -
In September of 1988, Russell A. Taylor began a journey some said wouldn’t have such longevity, but two decades later Taylor and SATORI CIRCUS are still here. Emerging out of the art punk band of Fugitive Poetry, which he co-founded with his dear friend Rick Maertens, Taylor set out to create something, unbeknownst to him as performance art.

The Lincolns UK -
The Lincolns UK will release their debut album, Hot Blonde Bitches, November 14th at the Park Bar in Detroit. Hailed as “…arena rock through a pignose amp..” The Lincolns UK draw on bratty early British and US punk up through the AC/DC's and Jet's of the world and filter it through the awesome early 'Mats/Minneapolis vibe, but still manage to sound distinctly “Detroit”. The brainchild of artist/actor/power couple Marc and Jennifer Nischan, and filmmaker Mikey Brown, The Lincolns UK (TLUK) is a band that was years in the making. The three friends all met through Planet Ant Theatre, which Mikey managed, where Jennifer wrote, improvised and acted, and for which Marc did art and poster design. All three had separate projects for years however. Marc with Twistin’ Tarantulas, Jennifer with Planet Ant and Second City, and Mikey Brown with Twilight Babies, and numerous indie film projects (Ced’n’Teri, Litterbug). But they kept talking about getting a band together to play the kind of bash-it-out rock and roll they love.

Kinetic Stereokids -
Kinetic Stereokids are every bit a product of Flint, Mich., a legendary city perhaps better known for its abandoned auto industry, endless unemployment and unflinching crime rate. What started as childhood friends seeking refuge in basement jam sessions has since developed into an inspired, intelligent and innovative brand of modern rock. With comparisons ranging from Beck to Mogwai, and the cited influence of Can, Elliott Smith and the Beastie Boys, the Kinetic Stereokids' sound is beat-heavy, sample-laden, sonic alchemy.

Blase’ Splee –
This Detroit quintet brews a refreshing and varied sound, leaning toward more raucous indie-rock but through a lens that’s both new and classical and structures both traditional and avant-garde (abrupt time signatures take a steady head-bop into a freewheeling romp). Guitars jangle, declarative pianos swoon, percussion goes from strict and walking to banging every pot in the cupboard. Very promising, sort of '60s baroque-pop meets American traditional rock ... maybe some folk, too? Or just rewardingly unclassifiable.