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UPCOMING: The Catfish Project - Small's Bar Hamtramck - Fri 1/8/2010

After the holidays have come and gone
make your way on over to Small's on 1/8/2010
to check out The Catfish Project
here is why:
"The Catfish Project sounds best in the kinds of dives that smell like stale cigarettes and beer from the night before. They're gamblers and hitchhikers sipping straight whiskey out of old shot glasses, barely visible by dim light. When they formed in 2007, The Catfish Project was originally conceived to be a band-for-hire, but it was quickly evident that the strength of the band was throwing down no-frills, straight-to-the-point, booty shakin’ blues/rock that would be wasted trying to appeal to the fads and whims of the typical Top 40 cover-band-scene.
From there, The Project only had one choice: Make it do what it do. Presenting live sets that incorporate blues standards with obscure covers and hard-hitting originals The Catfish Project keeps the tradition of gritty, after-hours, back-alley blues alive.
Check out a live show,
but be sure to polish up your flask
and put your dancing’ boots on. "