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White Stripes Limited Edition Box would be a great holiday gift for us here at MCB (wink)

We got a nice little tidbit of info today

In the summer of 2007, The White Stripes embarked on a cross-country Canadian tour to accomplish their goal of performing in every province and territory across the expansive northern nation.

Now, the band has announced the release of a limited edition box set to commemorate that journey with a series of work capturing the striking live moments and poignant off-stage interactions of one of the world's most enigmatic bands.

This captivating collection contains a DVD of the Emmett Malloy-directed documentary film, Under Great White Northern Lights, a live DVD of the band’s 10th Anniversary show, Under Nova Scotian Lights, as well as a CD/double LP of 16 live tracks, exclusive 7 inch, hard cover book of photographs and a silk-screened print. Although the package will not be available until March 16, 2010, pre-sale orders will be accepted starting today from

All orders placed before January 1st will receive a special holiday card from the band, as well as three exclusive live mp3’s of tracks from the 10th Anniversary show instantly upon ordering: “A Martyr For My Love For You,” “Hotel Yorba,” and “Hello Operator.” Additionally, members of The Vault, Third Man Records’ groundbreaking online subscription service, will also be sent a special slip mat for their orders placed before the end of the year.

In celebration of the announcement of this limited edition box set, The White Stripes will be premiering footage of their song “Let’s Shake Hands” on ( worldwide at 9 pm PST tonight. This performance of the song was filmed at the band’s 10th Anniversary show and can be seen on the DVD Under Nova Scotian Lights.

Limited Edition Box set includes:

DVD of the documentary film The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights, directed by Emmett Malloy (92 minutes)
DVD of the band’s 10th Anniversary show, The White Stripes Under Nova Scotian Lights, directed by Emmett Malloy (135 minutes)
The first-ever official live album from The White Stripes, featuring 16 songs recorded at various shows during their 2007 Canadian tour on both vinyl and CD. The double LP comes pressed on 180 gram black vinyl packaged in a gatefold jacket with a 6 panel insert unique to the box set. The CD accompanies the film and Anniversary show DVDs in a special 7” square 3 panel folder along with a 24 page bound booklet and slipcase.

Track Listing:
1. Let’s Shake Hands
2. Black Math
3. Little Ghost
4. Blue Orchid
5. The Union Forever
6. Ball and Biscuit
7. Icky Thump
8. I’m Slowly Turning Into You
9. Jolene
10. 300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues
11. We Are Going to Be Friends
12. I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself
13. Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn
14. Fell In Love With a Girl
15. When I Hear My Name
16. Seven Nation Army

7 inch vinyl featuring Icky Thump (Live) and The Wheels On The Bus (Live). Two versions available with different artwork and color of vinyl depending on your country of residence.
208 page hard cover book containing photographs of the Canadian tour shot by Autumn de Wilde with a foreword by Jim Jarmusch.
1 of 6 different silk-screened prints designed by Rob Jones.

Fans will also be able to purchase standalone pieces of this set, including the film on DVD as well as CD and double vinyl of the 16 tracks on March 16, 2010, while the books will be available to purchase independently at a later date. The box set will be the only place you will be able to get the limited edition 7”, silk-screened print and Under Nova Scotian Lights 10th Anniversary show DVD.

The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights, one of the highlights in this impressive collection of work, premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September to rave reviews. This visually stirring and emotive feature length film celebrates the band’s 10 year history, documenting the band playing to crowds in towns of all sizes across the Great White North - from traditional venues to matinee gigs at unusual locations such as a bowling alley, a boat and even on a city bus - culminating in a momentous 10th Anniversary show at the historic Savoy Theatre in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.