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UPCOMING EVENT @ 323East Royal Oak

Andrew Alexander Solo Exhibition at 323East on December 18th, 6pm

If you want a definition of the word "wunderkind" go to a dictionary.
If you want to see what a wunderkind is capable of, go to 323 East on December 18
when Andrew Alexander unveils the art he's been busily creating in recent months.

Eclectic to an almost frightening degree, the 26-year old Alexander spent his formative years contemplating the graffiti strewn trains at Geer Park, writing and illustrating his own graphic novels, and submerging himself completely within a pop-culture universe - a universe that he instinctively recognized as a proper Rosetta Stone for interpreting the modern ethos. He also developed a mature respect for past masters like Klimt, Schiele, Wyeth, and Pyle while a student at CCS, following that with a period of apprenticeship under such artists as David Deluca and Adair Hinds. With that balance between contemporary and traditional, there was really nothing left for him to do except forge a unique and personal style of his own.

A 2006 exhibit at the 5500 Cass Art Gallery prompted a decision to compose a larger portfolio before committing to other events or group shows. The commercial side of his work is readily visible on a number of articles made for Konquest Detroit; he also found time to write Gambearoner: The Art of Andrew Alexander, an 80-page monograph that traced his development as a painter. His first show (November 2008) at 323East was quickly followed by his participation in the same gallery's Inauguration Celebration in January. He was also one of the first artists contacted personally by curator Robert del Valle for the Post-Apocalyptic Motor City exhibit in August.