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FINAL POST FOR 2009 - MCB:VIDEO - Goober and the Peas Live at St Andrews Hall Detroit December 2009

you think we are going to really end the year without something badass?
forget about it...we got that covered
we have video from Goober and the Peas being uploaded right now
will be posted here within the hour
rock out 2009 with a little detroit country in your face

Goober and the Peas Live at St Andrews Hall Detroit 12/26/2009

The long awaited return to the stage of Goober and the Peas
who packed them in at St Andrews Hall Detroit the day after Christmas

The fans picked up right where they left off with hay flying everywhich way
and the band delivering all that is good in song and sights.

check them at SXSW
and hopefully a new record and tour as well in 2010