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CPOP returns with the street Dec 12th @ Fort Street Gallery

Detroit-Based Art Powerhouse ©POP
Brings Local, National And International Street Artists
Home From Miami For One Night Exhibition and Celebration

Saturday December 12th 2009

Fort Steet Gallery Detroit

©POP and Primary Flight present Primary Detroit, a glimpse into the urban street art from Miami and the world, as expressed through the work of a number of acclaimed national and international graffiti artists as well as work from Detroit's legendary visual and musical creative community.

“Detroit remains one of the premier urban canvases in the mind of every artist I’ve met that has traveled there,” says BooksIIII, founder of Primary Flight, on his experience of our city during inaugural exhibition at ©POP.

One week after rubbing elbows with artists of every genre, medium and nationality exhibiting at Art Basel, the world's largest international art festival, and working alongside such notables as Augor, Bask, Ron English, Ewok, Shepherd Fairey, Logan Hicks, Lady Pink, The London Police, MSG, Revok, Reyes, Risk, She Kills He, Chris Stain, TCP, Tes One, Typoe and WK Interact, at Miami's heralded Primary Flight, the world's largest street art mural installation, ©POP brings a few of its crew of heavy hitters home for a triumphant celebration of the historic event with music, dance, art, food and drink. The Miami artists include Askew from New Zealand, Tristan Eaton from NYC, Parskid from Seattle, and Detroit graffiti writers, crew TST (which includes Malt, Fars and Iges) and Kobie Solomon, who will be releasing his debut self-published book, “My First Graffiti Coloring Book” at the Detroit event.

©POP will be returning home with its local graffiti heroes as well as Askew. Augmenting this line-up will be fellow Ironlak-sponsored team USA members, Pose from Chicago and Jaes from New York City, who will be working with Supervision, a documentary film company, to shoot their creative activity for an Ironlak promotional video. Also attending the event will be BooksIIII, founder of Primary Flight, and he will have a number of his Miami-based cohorts with him.

In addition, a power-packed team of music masters will ramp up the atmosphere over the course of the evening from an early laid-back “loungy” vibe towards high-powered passionate dance beats as the night progresses. The musical line-up includes Todd Osborn, Brian Gillespie, Brent Sawicki, Secrets, Matt Clark, Jay Spliff, St33lo, Steve Roberts, Joe Vargas and Erno The Inferno.

©POP has long been a dedicated promotional force for the art of the street in Detroit, with exhibitions like BombPOP in 2001 and again in 2002 that brought in names which have since become the backbone of the graffiti world like Daim, Denz, Jeff Soto, and Scribe. ©POP's Vinyl Clash hosted, among others, Ron English, Glenn Barr, Dr.Revolt, Stephen Bliss (Rockstar Games), IT Rangers (Hong Kong), BASK, TES ONE, Michael Uman (Interspectacular), MAD L, Osamu Koyama and Bird. Shepard Fairey has had 3 solo exhibits at ©POP, and the gallery even gave a hard working and wildly talented young stencil-based street artist named BooksIIII (now founder of Primary Flight) his first solo exhibition in June of 2004.

Primary Detroit’s Greater Mission
Invited by Primary Flight to partner with them in rising to a new level of excellence, ©POP takes inspiration from this event that has supported and furthered the renewal of an underdeveloped area of greater Miami and presents Primary Detroit as a preview of a much greater plan to do the same for Detroit. By honoring this irrepressibly passionate art of the street, an aesthetic of absolutely primal potency, rising from an unschooled, yet pure and undeniable need to express in the most open and public way an artist’s core, yet hidden identity, coupled with an all too familiar lack of available and “acceptable” creative outlets, ©POP hopes to remind Detroit of its core strengths, creativity and an indomitable work ethic, as it also rejuvenates a blighted area of the city. Primary Detroit will renew and rehabilitate Detroit through visually stunning permanent outdoor murals and a weekend of unforgettable musical and social revelry in an annual days-long event beginning in 2011.

Primary Detroit
Presented by ©POP and Primary Flight