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MP3 Mondays on MOTORCITYBLOG 12/21/2009

Photo by Paul Hitz

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Dead Confederate just wrapped up their 2009 touring through Europe with Alberta Cross and finished in the United Kingdom with J Mascis and the fog in support of the release of Wrecking Ball across the pond. They are now offering a free download of a new Live LP,DIRTY AMMO.

Click HERE or visit: to order.

The material was recorded live at The Earl in Atlanta, GA this past May and features seven tracks in total. The LP showcases the band's signature live intensity on four original songs (from the bands EP and studio album) and one previously un-relesased new song, "Guns," as well as two covers - Elliot Smith's "Roman Candle" and Officer May's "Smoking a Minor." The LP will also be available with an optional $1 donation to help rebuild the Georgia Theater,, which was destroyed by fire in June 2009. There is an additional option to buy a vinyl copy of the album as well as a t-shirt.

Fan Packs are available:
Vinyl + download of LP with $1 contribution - $21.00 package
Vinyl + download of LP + band t-shirt with $1 contribution - $41 package

Dirty Ammo Track List

Side A
Get Out
Start Me Laughing
Shadow The Walls
Roman Candle*

Side B
Smoke A Minor**
Tortured Artist Saint

* Elliott Smith cover
** Officer May cover

Check out the video for "The Rat" featured on Dead Confederate's YouTube channel
For the inside scoop on all things Dead Confederate, be sure to visit the band's WRECKING BLAHG


Some of you know him Octane, some as DJ Phrikshun,
others may just know as Ro from Burn Rubber.
No matter what name you know him as, he does rap & is quite good at it.

Ro Spit and Monica Blaire's rendition of Jay-Z's and Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind"
where they pay homage to our city Detroit entitled "Renaissance State of Mind".

You can download this song for free from or .
The beat was recreated producer D-Bit
Video Shot and Edited by VANDAL visuals 2009.

Check out
Burn Rubber
"where they sell fresh kicks, all day, everyday!"
202 West Fourth Street, Royal Oak, MI 48067



to tour US with Prefuse 73 and Gaslamp Killer this January ; "Origins" out next month
Experimental rock duo hit the road on the US as both the openers and the live backing band for Prefuse 73. He also will be playing with their band as well.
Flulyk Dreams (Edit)

"Their sound-- part ambient electronic, part primal scrawl-- is tough to pin down and always taking unexpected turns"
Pitchfork Media

schized-out drone pop"

VOICEsVOICEs are a two-piece making warm, seductively atmospheric, mostly instrumental music from Los Angeles. Formed in June of 2008, Jenean Farris and Nico Turner, came together to break away from the musical mold they were confined to in previous projects to defy what they've been taught, and challenge what they know. Their use of pedals, looping, spellbinding vocals, and heartrending drumming results in hauntingly beautiful music that will awaken even your most subconscious dreams and fears. L.A. Record says "Los Angeles has one of the most exciting music scenes going on in the world right now and in the center of all this is the darling female duo, VOICEsVOICEs."

Both musicians were originally drummers for other bands and wanted to show that drummers were creative musical forces and more than merely providers of backbeats for other people's songs. The project began as an experiment in the creation of sound, with masking vocals that swirl like ghosts in a sea of reverb, beats and distortion, creating a sound that amounted to a beautiful clutter. Although they hadn't much experience performing other instruments prior to combining their forces, or perhaps because of it, they developed a psychedelic ambient sound that is unique in a way that separates them from the other bands in the abundant Los Angeles music scene.

While they both still play drums and various percussions, they learned to incorporate guitars, pedals and looping effects, even as they were still learning to play the instruments. Rather than procrastinate in a rehearsal space, they chose to perform live as often as they could at any place that would welcome them. Through dozens of shows in their early months, they developed their style and their fanbase at the same time, playing mostly in galleries and all age venues. Rather than relying on luck to be discovered, and confident in the power of their sweeping scores, they released their first self-produced and self-released ep, "Sounds Outside" within a few months of forming and it was warmly received, garnering rave reviews from Los Angeles publications like LA Record and grabbing the attention of influential label Manimal Vinyl and producer Prefuse 73.

Quickly advancing to the the top indie rock clubs in town like Spaceland, The Echo and The Smell, their fanbase and reputation grew in leaps and bounds. They were immediately snatched up by Manimal Vinyl who is releasing their new ep "Origins" in January. The EP was produced by Prefuse 73, who postponed his own recording for the opportunity to work with the band. In the studio, Prefuse added textural instruments and arrangements and brought the two musicians vocals closer to the forefront. The result is a combination of compositions that fall somewhere between Enya and the Plastic Ono Band. Barely a year after combining forces, VOICEsVOICEs were opening shows for artists like Blackheart Procession and Octopus Project In November, 2009 they were tapped for a month-long European touring with Brightblack Morning Light and Rio en Medio. Their shows are notable for attracting some of the top local musicians and scenemakers who become avid fans after one or two listens. Their soundscapes will send you into a peaceful slumber or make you scream and want to break things, sometimes causing both reactions at the same time.

ORIGINS OUT 01.26.2010 on Manimal Vinyl


12/31 Aragon Ballroom Chicago IL #
01/19 Music Hall Of Williamsburg Brooklyn NY *
01/20 Middle East Downstairs Cambridge MA **
01/23 Eagle Theatre Pontiac MI **
01/25 Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis MN **
01/29 The Nightlight Lounge Bellingham WA *
01/30 Neumos Seattle WA *
01/31 Holocene Portland OR *
02/02 Slims San Francisco CA *
02/03 Troubadour Los Angeles CA *
02/05 Urban Lounge Salt Lake City UT **
02/06 Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom Denver CO *
# w/ Umphrey's McGee
* w/ Gaslamp Killer, Voices Voices
** w/ Gaslamp Killer


The Little Death

Album Debut Out January 26, 2009

Lead Singer Laura Dawn Makes Acting

Debut in Oliver Stone’s
“Wall Street 2" this Spring

Laura Dawn sounds like she went on a whiskey bender on the L.E.S. and woke up in 1962 Memphis…”NBC

“Like Ike & Tina minus the beatings…” John Waters

It’s a classic New York story: Powerhouse political activist (who also happens to be a stunningly talented singer) spends her oh-so-abundant (right!) free time jamming with her long-time musician husband and a couple of friends (one of whom happens to be a famously bald, globe-trotting DJ/producer/artist), ostensibly “just for fun”, and next thing you know, fans are flocking to hear the band live, and begging for something to put in their ipods.

The Little Death
is Laura Dawn (lead vocals), Moby (bass, guitar), Daron Murphy (guitar, bass, & harmonica), and Aaron A. Brooks (drums), plus the backing vocals of Cherie Martorana and Jamie Rae Branthooever, aka The Deathreats. Formed in 2008, their mix of no-holds-bar raw guitars, thumping drums, & gritty soul vocals is like a drunken bar fight between John Lee Hooker, Kurt Weill, & Dusty Springfield, bringing to life those feelings that are at the core of all of us: blind joy and glorious dissolution, lust and despair. Their self-titled, self-released debut, currently available on their website (, will be available nationwide on January 26th.

In other news, Laura Dawn, who is the Cultural & Creative Director of
, will make her BIG SCREEN acting debut this spring in Oliver Stone's “Wall Street 2”, playing a character based on her real life.


Brings Mini-LP to FoF Music
From LA to SF, 19 year old beat maker mixes found sound and boom bap on 'Shlomoshun Deluxe' out 1/12 on FoF Music

tempo no tempo
Hot Boxing the Cockpit
on XLR8R


'Shlomoshun Deluxe'
Out 1/12
(FoF Music)

Shlohmo album cover


1. Shlohmo - Tomato Squeeze
2. Shlohmo - 7am
3. Shlohmo - Spoons
4. Shlohmo - Post Atmosphere
5. Shlohmo - Hot Boxing the Cockpit
6. Shlohmo - Dead Pixel
7. Shlohmo - Teeth
8. Shlohmo - Antigravity
9. Shlohmo - Hot Boxing The Cockpit (Tokimonsta Remix)
10. Shlohmo - 7am (devonwho Remix)
11. Shlohmo - Antigravity (Fulgeance Remix)
12. Shlohmo - Antigravity (Low Limit Remix)

After meeting him while interning at the creative music community and internet radio station dublab (, the Friends of Friends label was lucky enough to come across Shlohmo's "Shlomoshun EP" free online a few months back. Immediately hitting up the 19 year old LA native, the label approached him to combine new and old tracks with an assortment of remixes(wouldn't be FoF w/out friends!) to create Shlomoshun Deluxe for digital release. With an arsenal of unique sound textures, intriguing found sounds and big bass beats, this young one is ready.

Shlohmo, aka Henry Laufer brings a keen ear to the music he makes, using mostly found sound, fragile old gear and a laptop. In Shlohmo's own words: "The album was made suuuper lo-fi, most recordings were done through the audio-in port on my laptop, field recordings with the laptop mic or my ipod mic/recorder. a lot of synth sounds came from my roland sh201 and my dad's old roland jupiter 6, plugged straight into my laptop. all the noise was run from the headphone port out to these monitors that i've had since i was 14. the tweeters are all pushed in and there's absolutely no audible low end, so i have to physically touch the woofer to feel the vibrations from the bass and master it that way haha."

With beat and soundscape arrangements that leave the listener hypnotized, the songs breath life from the organic and electronic worlds colliding. Fan favorites "Hot Boxing The Cockpit" and "Antigravity" place him right amongst neu-bass contemporaries like Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, Ras G and others in the Low End Theory-fueled Los Angeles beat scene while a track like "7am" oozes Dilla-esque swagger; all the while remaining effortlessly cinematic. To really bring home the "Friends of Friends" theme on this release, Shlohmo has invited Low Limit (of Lazer Sword), Fulgenace (Musique Large), Tokimonsta (Brainfeeder) and devonwho (Klipmode) to handle remix duties, acting as a brief showcase for Shlohmo and some of his people.