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A few more NYE ideas from MCB - Another Fucking Bar Detroit - Paychecks w/ Hate in the Box - LUNA Royal Oak - Corktown Tavern WILL be open - The Bang Ann Arbor

So you may or may not be aware that the old 2500 Club is reopened
Its been remodeled and it is clean now
no more fucking the hookers in the bathrooms either
MCB choice of the night for simple no hassle drinking on NYE

We heard this morning that after a few shots the decision
last night was made to open up on NYE at Corktown Tavern
once again - probably a good choice for a place to kick back
and pound some drinks without the usual hassles of NYE crowds

If you want to check out some Detroit Goth in Hamtramck
head on over to Paycheck's for Hate in the Box
nothing better than drinking in a clean cool place
(we have always love Paychecks as a venue)
and checking out some sexy as ass gothic screamer
Kinetic Stereokids play there in a few weeks FYI

You know our story with LUNA LOUNGE
its like 3 blocks from our place so this is a no brainer for MCB
we walk down - drink like a fish
and stumble out before it becomes so jam packed
that your eyes pop out

either way if YOU do not make it out before overcrowding sets in
you can at least close out 2009 with a killer rack in your face

Unless you are invading a college house party and conducting a panty raid
you will more than likely be over at the Blind Pig
in Ann Arbor tomorrow night with wheeler and friends for