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Ticket winners for Goober and the Peas @ St Andrews Sat 12/26/2009

The word on the street was this show was going to sell out and sure as hell has spitfire it did
(we heard tickets were gone well over a week ago)

We have been running the ticket giveaway contest for like a month now with a pretty steady stream of emails coming in but within the last 3 or 4 days its been REALLY heavy as people learned about the show selling without further delay here are the winners drawn just moments ago

KeithH***** +1
SteveB***** +1

This should be a good show (I say "should" because I am not even sure if anyone from MCB will be there or not at this point...I am married but willing to go on a date to get into the show with Wife Permission Slip of course)

We do have a request into the band for a photo/video pass interview maybe we will get a response today and be at the show to catch the historic and triumphant return to the stage of Detroit's fabled Goober and the Peas!

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who entered the contest
FYI - there will not be ANY tickets available onsite from what we are told