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MCB-VIDEO: Dirty Show Detroit Interview Footage - DS11 starts Friday Feb 12th

so we forgot to put out the contest for the free tickets
could be screw this one up any harder? jeeez
alright so all jerking around aside (not from the side)
we have a few pair of passes to giveaway
send us an email with your best memory of a previous Dirty Show
we choose the dirtiest (2)
and will reprint the winning entries on MCB
on Thursday Feb 11th
Get to Dirty Show 11 starting next weekend Friday Feb 12th

"For the first time ever the Dirty Show will have 4 Guest Curators who will be bringing a plethora of talent to the exhibition. We are proud to announce the talented eye of Les Barany, for the fourth consecutive year in a row as a guest curator.
In addition to being the friend and agent for HR Giger, Barany is a legend in art circles, curating cutting-edge shows, publishing books and propelling new talent to the world spotlight. In addition we have Zoe Corleone, who runs the Museum Of Porn In Art in Zurich Switzerland, which has featured some of the biggest names in erotica on its walls.
Straight out of Brooklyn, we have the president of Thunderdog Studios, Tristan Eaton, who may be best known as the designer of The Dunny, which is probably the best known piece of Urban Vinyl in history.
Topping things off is the former director of Last Rites Gallery in Manhattan, Genevive Zacconi, of Philadelphia. An artist herself, (and actually an artist in Dirty Show #5) Zacconi has been putting on some of the most impressive shows in NYC, which will become obvious when you see the body of talent she brings to Detroit."
Friday 12th
Saturday 13th
Sunday 14th
Friday 19th
Saturday 20th

Want to check out the Dirty Show non-stop


Bert's Warehouse Theater • 2739 Russell St. Detroit, MI 48207

So we never said our best attribute was concise video production
and the story goes something like this:

MCB met up with the co-creators of The Dirty Show (jerry and jeremy) a week or so before DS10 over at Bert's Warehouse last year. The DS boys filled us in on the now infamous detroit art staple that has grown from a humble beginnings into the largest traveling erotic show in the world. MCB of course had photo and video cred and we collected an array of various DS sideshows and attractions to document and put together a video after the show.

Well we started drinking and one thing led to another and would you believe it
a whole god damn year has passed us by till we finally finished the project.

News this year is that there will not be a DS 11.5 as there was this past year with DS 10.5 in Los Angeles simply because it is a "whole lotta work" - we also heard that there will not be a DS 13 scheduled at this point due to the end of the earth.

Personally - Being aware of the DS since #4 and failing for 3 years to get to the show I finally hooked in at Dirty Show #7 which was made even more fantastic because my son was born that night. Leaving the Dirty Show to go to the hospital and then watch my son be pulled from my wife via cesarean section had to be one of the most memorable moments of my life. I tell this story quite often and it never goes over very well with my old lady. Someone suggested to me once that we should have painted a canvas onsite when the water broke but that would have been in poor taste right?

This video is safe for the MCB offices but with all the fantastic images included you may want to be the judge for yourself if this is good viewing material at you place of work.