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Dum Dum Girls at the Magic Stick

Dum Dum Girls at the Magic Stick
February 25, 2011

After completely missing the first band, Dirty Beaches, it’s finally sunk in with me that some of the venues are actually starting things on time now. I also missed half of Minks, the second band. I’ve never known the Magic Stick to have a Friday night show completely done by midnight. Maybe it had something to do with Funk Night going on next door at the Majestic Theater.

What can I say about Minks? They were good enough, but I wasn’t dying to hear them again. (Imagine the comic book store guy from the Simpons declaring “Worst show review…ever.”)

Once the Dum Dum Girls had gotten on stage, they must have had the Magic Stick at ¾ capacity at least. A respectable showing that will encourage this band to come back again. Their sound came through great, and it got me wondering. Do the acoustics for a band like this sound better because they (may) bring their own sound guy, or because the musicians play better and they know how to properly utilize their amps? Dee Dee, the lead singer, had this way of swaying her hips in time with all the songs. I wasn’t sure if the drummer set the pace at the beginning of the songs, or if Dee Dee’s hips did. To accentuate it even more, on every fourth beat her right knee would dip forward. It was rendered even more hypnotic because she was wearing fishnet stockings.

This evening’s sloppy drunk was a short blonde girl who kept trying to mosh. The Dum Dum Girls have a lot of up tempo songs, but I never thought of it as moshing music. The crowd wasn’t too receptive of it. It was the other girls who had the worst reaction. Some of them shoving drinky-mcdumbass into the speakers or onto the ground, and I could have sworn I saw one annoyed girl dump her drink over the drunk’s head. Shouldn't we expect at least a little annoyance at the front of a large crowd?