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Mustard Pimp at Boss Club Friday, March 23

Locally renown and infamous promoter team Nightsneak are bringing electro-house rockers Mustard Pimp back in town this Friday to play at the Boss Club. This show is part of a series of electronic shows at Boss Club that promises big parties and atmosphere in a small setting.

 Established 2008, Mustard Pimp are the french dynamic duo: Baron and eKa. 
Baron started 9 years ago DJing mostly acid and techno stuff, whilst eKa was the guitarist in a french metal band.They started to make diverse remixes and rather rapidly received support from well established musicians including the following that they have officially remixed: The Crookers, Steve Aoki, Steed Lord, Partyshank, A1 Bassline, Larry Tee, Dada Life, Stereoheroes, Bryan Cox, and the list keeps growing….Mustard Pimp’s debut single “Oh La La Satan” was released on Crux Records in September 2008 and immediately following MP released in their second EP “Raging Blood” on Idiot house records the following month. Early on in2009 they released their 3rd EP “RER EP” which is available for free on the internet.In July 2009 ,Mustard Pimp signed the singles, “Cherry” and “Kiwi” to the super hot Dim Mak Records. “Cherry” featuring Kali from Steed Lord will be released In September 2009.Initially inspired with Metal and Rock music but also with every music they’ve heard or played during their lives, Mustard Pimp’s music is unclassifiable, they are actually used to experimenting with diverse styles in theirtracks ,from House to Breakbeat,from Electro to Maximal.

Playing with Mustard Pimp on Friday are Blatta & Inesha with DJs Sento and Imonasio, doors are at at 10pm so expect a late night or an early morning.