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NEXT WEEK: Start Gallery and Paxahau Hosts “The Believe Show” on Saturday April 7

Start Gallery and Paxahau Hosts “The Believe Show” on Saturday April 7

Official Movement Festival Preview Event Showcases
Acclaimed Solo Artist Laura Barnhard and Exhilarating Electronic Music

Detroit’s Start Gallery hosts “The Believe Show” – showcasing the works of internationally acclaimed fine artist Laura Barnhard from Saturday, April 7 through Saturday, April 28. “The Believe Show” is Windsor, Ontario based Barnhard’s first U.S. solo exhibit, and The Start Gallery’s inaugural International art show.

“The Believe Show” opens on Saturday April 7 from 6 pm – 1 am and also serves as Paxahau’s Official Movement Festival Preview event with electronic music by Secrets and other special guests. Admission is just $5, and ages 18 and over are welcome to attend.

Windsor born Laura Barnhard creates gorgeous, otherworldly paintings that combine elements of fantasy, Victorian era characters and Science Fiction to create scenes that transfix and mesmerize,

In 2008, Barnhard made her U.S. debut showing and the art world took notice when she unanimously won ‘best in show’ at the acclaimed C-POP Gallery in Detroit, out of over 100 artists from around the world. Barnhard’s work also caught the eye of one of the most prestigious U.S. galleries, L’Imagerie Gallery, in Los Angeles, California, where she is currently being represented. Having been touted in the press as “an autodidact of exceptional talent and vision,” Barnhard’s distinctively original work has been garnering a large fan base.

Start Gallery owner and director Jason Reed counts himself as one of Barnhard’s biggest fans explaining, “"what’s really special about this show is it will transform the viewer into believing that these beautiful paintings are from a world that actually exists. The detail and imaginativeness of the works, shown together for the first time ever, will make for an unbelievable art experience.”

With Paxahau providing the soundtrack on opening night, “The Believe Show” is one night that is sure to take attendees on a spectacular visual and aural journey!

Visit her web site:
Visit or call 313-909-2845
Start Gallery is located in Detroit’s Harmonie Park at 206 E. Grand River (at Broadway).

Paxahau presents the Movement Electronic Music Festival on May 26-28, 2012.
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