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The Good The Bad The Ugly in 2009 from MCB

Once again - we do not do lists here on MCB
It goes against our grain and our overall methods here
so that being said we wanted to review our year
and post up a few that needed a second look

After going back over the last 12 months of posts on MCB it sure seems that 2009 was a very long year and it still amazes me that we do as much as we do...we really should be classified as a not for profit and get a cut of the Kresge Fellowship Grants for all we do for our local community.

In regards to contributors we "hired" a bunch but lost a few
and then "fired" a few more to boot...
The need for promotion in this town is obvious as our "roster" grew at an alarming rate and we were able to strengthen most of our existing relationships although we did have to "let go" a few venues and PR companies. Some do not appreciate free promotion but we do not hold a grudge for to long and hopefully we can work it out for the best in the long run.

MCB traveled this year to promote and cover various events
including Rothbury Festival, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame,
Juliette Lewis in Chicago
and Video Interview with DEATH in Austin
for SPIN.

The amount of free stuff we gave away was staggering
tickets, vinyl, CDs, swag, video cameras, frisbees, tshirts
and we even gave away a few cases of Red Bull Cola
and a full press photo pass for CRUE FEST.

We had a few MCB Showcases this year including
the 1st show at the new Alvins
and then kicked off Small's 10 year Anniversary
which was really fun.

Our space at People's Art Festival was larger than the stages
where we donated much of our space to local artists
and was considering the 3rd stage. (It will be bigger in 2010)

This year among the new on MCB:

A semi-weekly comic called SLAW (Something Like A War)
by Detroit John Kalogerakos

Downunder Detroit
by our friends from New Zealand Tall Kiwi chicks

Music on the Brain by Andrew Bender

The Return of Bar Brady Friday Drink Recipes

MONEYPENNY and DC Detroit doing their own thing in style

Do to personal schedules we have lost but have not forgotten
and they pop in every once in a while)
The Nolan Factor by Jeff Nolan
Smitten by Detroit by Anna Hergot

Among my favorites this year were

MCB Lounge at People's Art Festival 2009

As I went through 1900+ posts this weekend it was difficult to pinpoint

So after selecting nearly about 50
I then kindofrandomlywhatever
paired it down to the list below
we covered a LOT of events big and small and am still amazed
that we have the ability to not only get the credentials we acquire
but then deliver the media that we share
with the various "real media" outlets.

We will posting profiles of our contributors soon so look for that
in case you are curious who is who at MCB
and of course come on out to "MCB5"
our 5 year anniversary concert/photo exhibit
at Music Hall Detroit on Sat Jan 16th 2010

Maybe you missed these:

electric six video footage photos

MCB does Paris france

green day photos

kings of leons

DC in Detroit marquis de sade ball

DC in Detroit and mummies

paul hitz chickens interview @ Trumbullplex

revco photos
exclusive photos of the cult
video interview the datsuns

the rev horton hear

the sights video and photos

Video Interviews with violent soho raev
and this is the super short list geeez

We have no plans to let up in 2010.
Hang on!

MCB dedicates 2010 BP