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This Week In Moneypenny - Interview with Little Fish

Hope your Holiday was worth the hangover...
you may have heard how MCB rolled all weekend
Its unfortunate
its all true
and now back
to helljob

Forever checking the Eagles of Death Metal tour dates for a show near me, I see that they are busy scouring Europe. Touring with them is the new band "Little Fish", and since EODM always has such impeccable taste, I decided to check them out. I was immediately impressed with their music and wanted to find out who these two kids are that managed to chase the Devil across the UK and live to tell about it.I got to ask Juju and Nez of Little Fish a few questions,
and they graciously gave us the skinny:

MCB: Please, tell us about Little Fish - How would you describe yourselves and your sound?

Juju: We’re very upfront. We don’t hide behind the ‘trick or treat’ of music production and technology. What you see is what you get. Nez is strong, steady, technically articulate yet tribal in his drumming and me, well I’m probably an erratic yet intense front woman guitarist, singer who loves performing. Although we are predominantly known as a two-piece we have started to use Hammond on our live shows. Little Fish music is all about song, passion, delivery, melody, raw and honest rock n roll. More bone, less flesh. Little Fish songs are about wanting to justify the mess we make of our lives, about forging a firm and positive identity that is aching to respond to life and become part of it.

MCB: I hear sounds and vocals reminiscent of past "greats". Who are your influences?

Juju: I am really pleased and flattered to have a voice thought of as ‘reminiscent of past “greats” as I am not sure that I merit that compliment – maybe in time? I didn’t listen to music when I was younger as I found music all too overpowering, so it’s not something that I can say has specifically influenced me singing-wise. As I never listened to music growing up, my influences, I suppose, were more subliminal; Ray Charles being played in the kitchen and French songs at the dinner table; always music based around good songs and voice. As far as my tastes and influences now go, my person would naturally gravitate and fight to listen to rock music with voices and lyrics that either make me want to cry or throw myself against a wall; I love strong voices that have grit and character but who have also melted to them vulnerability and sadness. The songs sung need to be convincing and honest. The contemporary voices I most relate these criterions to would be that of Jeff Buckley, Brian Molko, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Jack White and Neil Young.

MCB: How long have you been at this, and how do you pull it all off with only two people?

Juju: Nez and I have been together as Little Fish for four years now. We know how to fight and we know how to struggle and both of us want to come out winners. In the time we have been together we recorded our first demo, gigged incessantly, signed to Custard/Universal Motown, and recorded our first album (Baffled And Beat) set for release early 2010. The only way we manage to pull this off is because we are both extremely high-energy, slightly insane, dreamers and drifters who love the music we play, having ultimate conviction and passion for what we do and have great fun doing it.

MCB: What music are you listening to at the moment?

Juju: I’ve been mulling around Nick Cave, Placebo, and The Raconteurs and oddly enough, I was listening to The Verve the other day. I think I needed to cry.

Nez: Led Zeppelin’s playing on the radio right now “Rock n Roll”

MCB: Before you started touring the world where did you like to play the most back in your old school stomping ground?

Juju: Little Fish sure enough stomped a lot in the old school ground! We played everywhere and anywhere, from venues with roofs falling through and stages where poles were planted right in the middle. Our favorite hangout has always been a punky-blacked-out back room where posters rip themselves off the wall in our hometown of Oxford, UK. It’s a pub called The Wheatsheaf and it’s the vibeiest venue for rock n roll bands to funk up.

MCB: Give us a short list of your favorite beers? (Feel free to deviate at will)

Juju: I don’t care. Desire is a burden we could all do without.

Nez: Old Speckled Hen is the greatest export from our hometown, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. It’s the only beer where you can’t lower the alcohol content without the taste suffering!

MCB: Eagles of Death Metal are as fun as they come. How has life on the road with the Devil been? Give us the lowdown on how LF got hooked up w/ EODM...

Juju: There’s never any time for sleep. We crawl lots on our hands and knees towards a paradise whose sky wears the color of hell’s flames; where death and truth are banned. The EODM cough out life with liquor and smoke. They are the most fun ever and we’ve had one hell of a rollercoaster ride being with them on tour! One minute we were waiting for tour support and the next minute we got a call telling us to go out with the EODM, that Josh Homme had cancelled the previous support acts and put us on instead!

MCB: You have also been opening for Alice in have you been received differently by the two crowds? Is there a real difference?

Juju: For us, this year has been the year of support. We’re out there fighting for new fans and to us, whoever we play with, our attitude is to go out there, believe in what we do and deliver it the best we can. We have supported Placebo, The Dave Matthews Band, The Doves, Juliette Lewis, and Spinnerette and all the time we would have no idea what people’s reaction to the music might be. The fact that we have had positive reactions from all has come as a surprise and a really pleasant one at that. It is only from having a reaction at all, that we have come to realise how vulnerable we as musicians or artists make ourselves. When you don’t gig, you are not exposed and therefore, cannot be judged. You are safe. When you do start to expose yourself, that is when the reality of being part of a band starts. It’s exciting. It makes us nervous. So when the reaction is good, it is a huge relief to know that there are other people who also feel what you do towards your music. People are forming a real sense of unity around Little Fish. This is more rewarding than anything.

MCB: Have you ever been to the Motor City? What comes to mind if you think of Detroit?

Juju: Detroit to me, is the home to Motown music where some beautiful love songs have been penned. “What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye, “My Girl" by The Temptations and ‘Living for the City’ by Stevie Wonder. These songs speak for themselves. And breathe.

Nez: I’m a big boxing fan so for me Detroit is “Tommy Hearns” He was raised in Detroit and was the first boxer to win four world titles in four different weight divisions. Heroic I would say.

MCB: Your tour dates are all across the pond. When can we expect to see you around these parts?

Juju: Oh! We are surely hoping to come to Detroit some time next year to support the release of our first record, Baffled And Beat. We hope to see you at a show, come say hi and thanks very much for taking time to interview us. Appreciated.

Well then, I can add these guys to my vigil!

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